Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Monthly Innovation Brief: The Best/Next Practices in Innovation Management Aug. 2016

Creativity is the soaring factor in growing into a Digital Master.

Innovation takes a cycle of observing-questioning-connecting-networking-experimenting. From the management perspective, innovation is how to transform novel ideas to achieve its business value, due to the hyper-complexity of modern business, innovation is essentially about reducing the unnecessary business complexity to tackle the complexities of business dynamic. Here is a series of blogs to brainstorm the practices of innovation management.

The Best/Next Practices in Innovation Management

What are the Best/Next Practices to Keep Innovation Alive in a Company? Innovation is to transform novel ideas to achieve its business value. It is very important to recognize that innovation is an essential factor for a company’s long-term success. However, becoming a truly innovative company is difficult, due to the risks involved and management skills needed. Some might complain innovation has distracted them from their strategic focus, the fact is that innovation is an important element of your business strategy, so the problem is how you can keep innovation alive in your organization?

Innovation Best Practice: Practical or Contradictory  Innovation is how to transform the novel ideas and achieve its commercial values. Due to the open nature and “out of box” thinking of innovation, is it contradictory to do that inside of the constraints of "best practices"? Is there actually anyone using what to be considered the 'best practice' in innovation in reality? Does best practice really improve innovation success rate or increase innovation efficiency??

How to Practice Creativity by Questioning As saying’s going: there is no such thing as a stupid question - ask and ask some more. A creative mind is more often inquisitive, ask many questions, the 'right' and well thought out question is halfway to attaining the right answer. Creativity is the soaring factor in growing into a Digital Master.

How to Well Tune the organizational Structure for Breakthrough Innovation? Innovation is to transform novel ideas and achieve its business value. However, for most of organizations, innovation, especially breakthrough innovation, is still a serendipity. There are many factors to decide innovation success. From an organizational structure perspective, how can you get well organized for managing innovation more effectively?

Running IT as an Innovation Engine in Digital Organizations? Organizations large or small are at the digital journey, and corporate IT is also shifting from a support center to an innovation engine, because more often information is the lifeblood, and technology is the disruptor to push the business world into the digital paradigm. Hence, for any forward-thinking organizations, IT mantra is shifting from “doing more with less,” to “doing more with innovation. But more specifically, how to run IT as an innovation engine to accelerate digital shift?

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