Monday, August 15, 2016

The Monthly CIO Debates Collection: Tough Choices for Digital CIOs Aug., 2016

Debating is not just for stimulating conflicts, but for brainstorming better ways to do things.

Due to the changing nature of technology, IT leadership role also continues to involve & shift the focus, to move up the maturity level. More and more CIOs are requested to take more responsibility and many CIOs present the breadth of leadership competency. The proactive IT debates help IT leaders to brainstorm innovative and better ways to do things, and improve management capabilities. Here are the monthly CIO debates collections- The Tough Choices for Today's Digital CIOs in Aug. 2016.

Tough Choices for Digital CIOs  Aug. 2016

  • The Two Sides of IT: Which Side is More Important? The forward-looking IT organizations are on the journey of digital transformation. The challenge is having a harmonized vision about overall IT capabilities and maturities, and which role IT should, or can play in the digital organization. There are front end and back end of the IT department. The front end of IT is value-added, to drive the business’s digital transformation, and the back end of the IT is fundamental, operational driven and keep the lights on. From IT management and digital transformation perspective, how to run two sides of IT smoothly, via setting the right principles and developing the next digital practices?

  • As CIOs: Which IT Management Dilemmas Do you Encounter? Technology is pervasive, business initiatives, changes, and transformation today nearly always involve some form of technology implementation or information analysis; IT touches both hard business processes and soft human behaviors. However, managing a highly effective IT is not an easy job, IT leaders have to overcome many change management roadblocks and deal with quite a few of IT management dilemmas in transforming from a cost center to value creator, from a support function to a strategic business partner; from a back office to an innovation front yard.

  • Does Systems Thinking stifle creativity or not? Creativity is an inward process to produce the novel ideas and build unique value. Creativity is by definition an aspect to the emergent behavior that exists within us and the emergent traits that extend from us to the surrounding world. Creativity is infused with an inner cohesion and comes from a vision of uniqueness. Is creativity the #1 skill for the 21st century, and does Systems Thinking stifle creativity or not?

  • When Shall you Go with Intuition, when shall you do Analytics? A business decision is both art and science, especially in the exponential change and business dynamic we face today, it is so difficult to make effective decisions without the right strategy and methodology. How do you decide whether you should go with your gut, or do a careful analysis? What questions do you ask?  What role does problem framing have the choice balance between intuition and analytics or gut and reason? What factors do you consider? Do you have a rule of thumb?

  • A Conflict-Competent Mindset: Is Conflict Good or Bad? Wherever there are groups of people, there are conflicts. People vary in their ideology, cognizance, perceptions and priorities; and they react to situations in different ways. Therefore, conflict is perhaps inevitable, the conflict can stimulate creative thinking or solutions when solving it positively; it may cause damage and negative impact if not handling properly. So is conflict good or bad; if too much conflict is bad... too little conflict is bad... How do you know you're at the right level of conflict?

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