Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Monthly Decision Making Insight: Who are Effective Decision Makers Aug. 2016

Decision making is the arena across the art and science; gut feeling and data-driven, confidence and humility.

Making a decision is one of the significant tasks for business leadership, however, the high ratio of strategic decisions have been made poorly and cause the catastrophic effect. How to avoid such decision pitfalls, in order to make effective decisions both strategically and tactically?

Three Questions to Assess a Person’s “Decisiveness At today’s digital dynamic with increased velocity, complexity, unpredictability, and ambiguity, there is a need for a faster response to changes in the business and industry based on effective and efficient decision making which is one of the most important tasks for both digital leaders and digital professionals at either strategic, operational, or tactical level. How is that possible? What’s the digital way to make the right decision? And how to assess a person’s “decisiveness”??

Is System Thinker a Slow Decision Maker? Digital is paradoxical: on one side, it seems everything in business is speeding up, the speed to learn, the speed to design, the speed to produce, the speed to market and the speed to adapt. On the other side, the business as a whole is becoming over-complex and hyper-connected with ambiguity and uncertainty, every opportunity has risks in it, and every solution might cause the new problem. Think fast, or think slow - Shall you take guts feeling to decide fast, or be a system thinker to decide “slowly”??

C-Level as Decision ‘Guru’: How Deep Shall You Dig ? Making data-based decision is becoming a mainstream trend for forward-look business executives. However, should business leaders know how to use analytics tools and techniques themselves, instead of relying solely on their in-house analytics team? How much is enough for them to understand from analytics principles to analytics practices? Or to ask in the other way, when will the analytics software enable business leaders to self-service for making the effective decision?

Is Customer one of the Biggest Influencers of Decisions in your Enterprise? Being customer-centric means to really live on the mantra everyone is already familiar with: “Customer is King or Queen,” take a look at the business via outside-in customer’s lens, and build business capabilities to optimize customer experience. However, to what extent do you feel comfortable to make customers one of the biggest influencers of decisions in your organization??

Why are Many of the Worst Mistakes Made by the Most intelligent People?  "Why are many of the worst mistakes made by the most intelligent people?" Some may even argue: “Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I'll show you someone who has never achieved much.” Still, all people want to know how to avoid unnecessary mistakes, especially the worst one. As some bad decisions made by leaders can cause fatal damage to business and society. But, practically how to avoid such worst mistakes?

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