Friday, August 19, 2016

“Talent Master” Book Quote Collection I

Hire mindset, build capability, train for skill.

  1. Being a digital professional inherently and inextricably links with high levels of “professionalism.”
  2. “Digital fit” should be first defined as “mind fit,” and then following with attitude fit and behavior fit.
  3. Authenticity is not only a leadership quality but a digital professional trait.
  4. Confidence is like a ray of sunshine, brightens the surroundings.
  5. Digital fitness requires envisioning new perspectives, shaping the new box of thinking, building new competencies.
  6. Attitude, aptitude, and altitude are all important to be a great problems solver
  7. The assessment of an employee’s balance ability is to push and encourage teams to “think in bigger boxes.”
  8. Time management coupled with discipline is the first step towards building competency and flex digital fitness.
  9. Dynamic and changing digital organizations cannot operate with inflexible minds and unchangeable people.
  10. Experience is not about doing the same things again and again; it is about always learning the new things through it or the new way to do it.
  11. Empathy is an Emotional Intelligence. It is about thinking as if you were in the other party’s position.
  12. People with gravitas are both confident and humble, self-aware and persistent, proud and egoless; steady and flexible, consistent but also creative.
  13. The brightness takes energy and needs to be charged with intelligence and wisdom.
  14. Thinking Performance helps to discover leadership fitness of employees.
  15. Thinking Performance + Action Performance = Digital Performance, which intends to measure performance both qualitatively and quantitatively in a continuous way.
  16. Intelligence is a step closer to wisdom which transcends philosophy as well as psychology.
  17. Whether someone is “intelligent” or not depends entirely on what you are asking them to accomplish with their brain.
  18. The verb “discern” simply means to detect with the sense.
  19. Critical Thinking is a crucial thought process to see underneath the symptoms and dig into root causes.
  20. Decision wisdom is about making a sound judgment via inquisitiveness, informativeness, and intelligence.
  21. A high “EQ” mind has gravitas and maintains the composure whatever be the situation - either being glorified or vilified.
  22. Systems Thinker shapes a worldview based on the realization of interconnectedness.
  23. Judgmental Intelligence is the combination of multiple intelligence such as IQ, EQ, as well as learning ability, mental agility, and curiosity.
  24. To put simply, we are what we think of.
  25. A self-awareness mind continues to practice reflective thinking.
  26. True culture wisdom springs from personality, curiosity, education, and appreciation for the diversity of thoughts and characters.
  27. A strategic thinker always “keeps the end in mind.”
  28. Lack of knowledge is circumstantial; poor manner is forgivable. But superficiality or lack of in-depth understanding is often intolerable and creates more problems in the world.
  29. The quality of assessors is important to the quality of assessment result.
  30. Hire mindset, build capability, train for skill.
  31. One needs to understand that character oozes out of, thought processes, expressions, actions, and so on so forth.

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