Friday, September 30, 2016

The New Book “Thinkingaire” Introduction: Chapter 8 Progressive Minds

Progress is impossible without change.

The modern society is a dynamic continuum with collective human progress. Real societal progress is made through the work of progressive minds, which can sustain a balance of diversified viewpoints, creativity, discipline; opportunities and risk; individualism and teamwork, democracy and unification; science and art, intuition and analytics. More often, progress is not a universal truth, but a relative truth. What happens is that we think that progress is being made, but then we don’t see progress, because your type of progress may not be a progress at all to someone else. At the individual level, progress is impossible without change, those who can not change their minds cannot change anything. From the business perspective, the progress made through a silo mind can only benefit the individual function, the progress at an organizational level ensures that the business as a whole is superior to the sum of its pieces.

An improving mind: Improvement comes by discovering and exploring self, or change in the self. After awareness and reflection, regulation to change the force of habit is required. Clarity, consciousness, and mindfulness are the requirement for the inner change to occur. An improving mind is all about the desire to learn. If it’s done right, learning should provide a lot of fun and enjoyment, as well as a sense of achievement and a growing bonus of self-worth. Progress represents change. Without change, one cannot even stagnate. She or he will be on a backward journey. Progress itself is change, whether it comes from an individual or group effort, or is induced by environmental and cultural, tangible or intangible forces.

A reflective mind: Life is a journey, we all grow, learn, reflect and we all intend to reach the ultimate level of maturity. A self-reflective mind with the habit of introspection brings the ability to look within and see the true self in the mirror of the heart. Awareness is the light that makes this process easy and smooth. Self-reflection is much needed to know yourself, your thoughts, and opinions more clearly and understand what’s happening around you. Continuous “checking in” on oneself keeps you fresh, every person is unique, trust your intuition more and take the time to celebrate the achievements, but also learn from failures and setbacks. Allow yourself permission to be wrong, forgive yourself more for your decisions, take the consequences. Sometimes you are in the dark, sometimes you are in the light, sometimes you are in an unconscious state, and other times you may be in a superconscious state, it takes the time to come to understand self and what all that encompasses in order to discover a progressive path.

A motivational mind: Motivation is the “cognitive momentum” that comes from consistently applying the habits congruent with the achievement of our goals with progressive thoughts and actions. Motivation is perhaps a combination of several emotions. Motivation is affected by many things, including one’s thinking about the goals, worth, and possibilities. Motivation is the force to guide our behaviors. Motivation makes a difference to everything we do. It infuses a positive kind of energy, which opens up our mind, all motivation is a form of consciousness. It gives you the energy to do everything that you must do. Ultimately the answer lies in focus. A motivational leader is able to foster an atmosphere of enthusiasm, conveying enthusiasm to others is the key element that allows a leader to be effective, motivational and achieve great success in his or her endeavors.

The world is hyperconnected and interdependent, even more often now, progress has to be achieved through collective wisdom and diversity of insight. Only through continuous improvement, human progress can be sustained and the world can move forward with solid speed.


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