Thursday, September 8, 2016

To Celebrate the 3100th Blog Posting: Blogging the Way to Discover Digital Leadership Path

Blogging is 5% of (inspiration +creativity) with 95% of (dedication + perseverance).

Leadership is about future and change; direction and dedication; influence and innovation. Here comes the celebration for 3100 blogs posting. Blogging is not just about writing, but about thinking and practicing digital thought leadership, to convey digital vision, share insight and wisdom, and discover the digital leadership path via envisioning, brainstorming, sharing, debating, and making continuous communication for spurring innovation, exploring digital opportunities, and improving leadership maturity. 

Blogging the way to envision the digital future and catalyze digital transformation: Leaders are the visionaries moving forward for growth, inspiring the masses for a common goal with innovative moves toward the future. Leadership vision is built on leaders’ authenticity. Leadership is fundamentally about telling the truth of who we are as individuals and in relationship to each other, what inspires us to lead, which gaps can we fill, and how to lead effectively via touching hearts and connecting minds. Leadership is one's ability to paint a vivid picture, a vision of a future state and motivates others to achieve it. Being a leader means giving people confidence on where to go and how to get there, supporting them and also stretching them to live to their full potential. Leadership vision is to be the guiding light, because visionary leaders have better sense to capture the digital trends, be genuinely curious about information, knowledge and future perspective, so they can drive changes more confidently, and lead long-term digital transformation effortlessly. Top leaders need to be visionaries - someone who can think strategically, assist in "seeing" and bringing clarity to the future within the business ecosystem and beyond.

Blogging the way to sow creativity seeds and grow innovation fruits: Innovation is about thinking differently, acting differently, delivering differently, adding value differently from the status quo. Imagine every idea is a creativity seed, and blogging is like to grow a brain tree with many innovation fruits on it. Innovation needs to become a digital lifestyle of the leaders and professionals today. Innovation comes with the increased knowledge and understanding of facts. Innovation is all about leveraging the better way to do things or push the collective human advances. You never know how innovative you might be in some field before exploring the new opportunities or encountering the frictions or obstacles and before the adoption of the fresh viewpoint or better solution. An innovator has an obligation to be open, to share and question, to challenge existing concepts, and to bring the new perspective, great idea or unique insight. Creativity + Positivity are the powerful combinations to push the human world forward.

Blogging the way to share thought processes and improve leadership maturity: No frictions, no authentic leadership.You clarify your thoughts and mind via your relentless leadership practices. People achieve a level of some form of leadership because they are aware of it. You achieve a level of awareness that leads you to become an authentic leader or a chosen one. You improve self-awareness via either blogging or any other continuous leadership practices fitting your leadership style. Awareness brings out courage, intuition, bravery, etc. The leadership competency is tested through traits such as critical thinking, creative thinking, attitude, passion, entrepreneurship, wisdom, and maturity, etc. Improving leadership maturity means to break down silo thinking, unconscious bias, and breakthrough stereotypical conventional wisdom. To truly break down stereotypes, you have to make a concerted effort to know and understand each other, and to give each other the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Knowing that you are conditioned to stereotype others is a good start. Leadership is the journey to pursue wisdom. Digital leaders are both experts and explorers. Only the high mature leadership can fill numerous leadership blind spots and avoid countless pitfalls on the leadership journey.

Blog the way to lift the leadership vision, enforce leadership transparency, amplify leadership influence, deepen interdisciplinary knowledge, sow innovation seeds, speak the common digital language and share the world-class insight. Blog the way to expedite leadership maturity.


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