Sunday, September 4, 2016


Corporate board has to gain digital awareness, shape the digital mindset, provide the outlier’s view, and master of digital fluency.

Modern corporate boards play significant roles in guiding businesses in the right direction and achieve expected business results. Due to the “VUCA” characteristics -Complexity, Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and Velocity of the Digital Era, the directorship in any organization must have the agility to adapt to changes and build abilities to advise, inspire and motivate a group of people toward accomplishing shared visions and goals.

The Book “Digitizing Boardroom” Quotes Collection III

56 The purpose of the governing body, or board of directors, is to direct and guide the organization in the right direction.

57 It is what the “I” stands for - Information, Innovation, Insight, Improvement, or Influence, that needs to be represented by CIOs in the Boardroom.

58 Digital transformation represents a break with the past, having a high level of impact and complexity.

59 Governance is not about maximization, but about optimization.

60 Good governance is less about structure and rules than being focused, effective and accountable.

61 Metaphorically, governance is like a “Steer,” Risk Management is like a “Brake.”

62 A steer may not accelerate the speed of the vehicle directly; by navigating the better path, it can shorten the distance or save the energy to reach the right destination.

63 Generally speaking, the key dimensions of corporate governance are strategy oversight, policy making, accountability, and monitoring.

64 The quality strategy is about making the right decision at the right time which requires quality information.

65 GRC is about collaboration and harmony.

66 IT Governance is like a steer, to ensure IT running with the right speed smoothly; not like a break to stop it and stifle innovations and performance.

67 Sense and deal with problems in their smallest state, before they grow bigger and become fatal.

68 The digital Board will help set the principles to innovate talent management and embrace digital fitness.

69 The Board must set a tone for digital leadership.

70 Human Capital is one of the constituents of Intangible Capitals.

71 All generations need to realize that they can learn from each other, to run a successful business and an advanced society.

72 It’s important to find an adequate way of assessing the “creative workplace,” appropriately.

73 There is a digital way to identify talent -hiring character, raw intelligence, growth mind and recombinant capability.

74 The raw talent is precious, and the well-crafted talent is a good combination of “Will Power + Brain Power + Knowledge Power.”

75 The BoDs and business leaders must work with the right mindset to make good policies and create an inclusive organization with every dip in the business lifecycle.

76 Talent risk is a strategic risk of modern businesses.

77 Being digital-ready is an overarching approach via building a set of “digital -flavored” cultures and taking a series of stepwise practices.

78 The Boardroom Paradox: Harden the softest like culture, and soften the hardest like a number.

79 Independent directors practice independent thinking.

80 Corporate brand, culture, knowledge, and risk management are all boardroom concerns.

81 The cultural transformation cannot be mandated, it must evolve.

82 Positive, empowered teams self-manage themselves.

83 An organization with an authentic culture can inspire openness, innovation, and motivation.

84 Changing the culture is the mindset. It is the employee’s mindset or behavior that expresses “culture.”

85 One of the formulas to build a successful business is to nurture an “adaptability trait” in an organization’s culture.

86 The digital-savvy Board has to gain digital awareness, shape the digital mindset, provide the outlier’s view, and master of digital fluency.


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