Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The CIO’s Digital Agenda: Running IT with Full Speed to Accelerate Digital Transformation Sep. 2016

A highly responsive IT means a lot of things such as speed, innovation, agility, ambidexterity, modernization, intelligence, value creation, and maturity, etc.

IT is the foundation of data, information, and modern knowledge. The biggest misnomer regarding IT is that it is "just technology." Digital is about the rapidly change and continuous business flow, and IT becomes a changing organization to driving business transformation. How to fine tune IT to become a change agent and get the business digital ready?


  Running High-Speed IT to Accelerate Digital Transformation

  • Reinvent IT as a Business Accelerator? Most of IT organizations today are still being portrayed as the back-office cost center, to re-imagine IT, it needs to shift from “T” driven to “I” - information focused business engine. Information is growing exponentially and it is humanly impossible to explore all of the "art" out there around a subject. In a business scope, there are some of the important bits and bytes of information needed when evaluating a new market, new technology or any business growth opportunity. Therefore, IT becomes more critical to explore such an “art of impossible,” but how to accelerate idea validation, doing more with innovation and build a unique set of business capabilities from IT management perspective?

  • Making a Leap in IT Digital Transformation: More and more IT organizations are transforming from back end internal support functions into front office revenue generators, from reactive order takers to proactive changing organizations; from "doing more with less," to "doing more with innovation," and from IT-business alignment to IT-business engagement. They help their companies achieve strategic business goals and objectives in any way possible. To put simply, it is reaching the inflection point for many forward-thinking organizations for IT to make a leap in digital transformation?

  • Three Core Principles in Accelerating Digital Innovation?  Innovation is the specific phenomenon of the knowledge-based economy. It is about having new knowledge and new processes. It is also about too much knowledge in terms of too many good creative ideas, and too little available resources. Innovation is about prioritization as well - via a systematic discipline that can "smell" the right idea at the right time and place, make it tangible, and achieve its business values.

  • Running IT on the Fast Lane?  Nowadays information is the lifeblood of the business, technology is often the digital disruptor, and change is the very nature of Information Technology. The irony fact is that IT is often perceived to be too slow to adapt to the changes in the majority of large enterprise organizations, and some businesses even complain their IT organizations become the obstacle to getting things done. How to speed up IT- it means IT has to adapt to changes in proactive ways, and more often, IT has to drive the changes and plays a pivotal role in digital transformation, focus on the fastest speed available - because that is where the main threat to competitiveness. It is about running IT as a business enabler to catalyze growth and improve organizational agility. In practice, how to run IT on the fast lane.

  • How Responsive Could Digital IT Be? Digital is all about change with continuous disruptions and exponential information flow, a responsive IT means a lot of things for the business’s digital transformation: speed, innovation, agility, ambidexterity, modernization, intelligence, value creation, and maturity, etc. How responsive could IT be in order to ride learning curves, keep the pace of rapid changes, and accelerate digital transformation of the business.

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