Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Monthly “CIO Master” Book Tuning: Accelerating Digital IT Leadership Maturity Sep. 2016

IT is in the unique position to oversee the underlying processes, build capabilities, and orchestrate the digital transformation.

The purpose of "CIO Master - Unleash the Digital Potential of IT " is to provide guidelines for building a holistic framework to run a highly effective, highly innovative and highly mature digital IT organization. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence. Here is the monthly “CIO Master” book tuning: Accelerating IT Leadership Maturity.

Accelerating IT Digital Leadership Maturity  Sep. 2016

  • CIOs as Chief Improvement Officer: What are the signals of Dysfunctional IT Systems: Today’s organizations are far from perfect, there are ineffectiveness, dysfunction, overlapping, complication, silo, gaps, infighting, and inefficiencies, etc., all over the place. IT is in the unique position to oversee the underlying processes, build capabilities, and orchestrate the digital transformation, CIOs as IT leaders and Chief Improvement Officer: can you identify the signals of dysfunctional IT systems - not just through the symptoms on the surface, but digging into the root causes, and fix them smoothly to improve the business agility and maturity?

  • Raising the Profile of Digital CIOs: Contemporary digital CIOs wear multiple hats, play different roles with multiple personas. There is a distinct difference between a great CIO and an average CIO in terms of identifying and implementing competitive advantages and being a great leader. What are modern CIOs’ digital profile, and how can they improve leadership effectiveness and shift their role from transactional managers to transformational leaders?
  • CIOs as VISIONEERs: Running Digital IT with "DECISIONEERING & SOLUTIONEERING & ENGINEERING" Disciplines: Forward-thinking IT organizations continue to reinvent themselves to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. Ambitious companies also understand how crucial IT is to drive businesses growth and optimize business capabilities. Digital transformation is on the way. IT Transformation seeks to change. The word "transformation" in itself means change and change for the better - new ways and methods of doing things, new structures, new relationships etc. The contemporary CIOs are visioneers (visionary pioneers)- who can run digital IT with decisioneering, solutioneering, and engineering disciplines to improve organizational level effectiveness, intelligence, and maturity.

  • The CIO’s Situational Leadership for IT Digital Transformation Many IT organizations are on the inflection point for digital transformation, to transform from a cost center to a growth engine, from a back office function to a digital brain front yard, and from a help desk to an innovation hub. CIOs are wearing multiple hats, practice situational leadership to bridge the industrial age with the Digital Era, to focus on information management, process optimization, business innovation, and overall organizational maturity. Many think IT is shifting from a static function which is often controlling or even lagging behind the changes to a people-centric changing organization. Here are a couple of leadership and management roles CIOs need to balance well for improving IT efficiency, effectiveness, and agility.

  • Practice CIO Plus Leadership to Run IT with “Enlightenment”: IT is moving up its maturity level from functioning to firm to delight. IT is neither luxury nor commodity, it's a competitive differentiator. With the new and disruptive technologies, CIOs need to change IT DNA from 'static" with change inertia to "dynamic" with change as a new normal; from a controller to an enabler, from "inside-out" operation driven to "outside-in" customer-centric. No more dictating technology solutions, but having a better understanding of the business and transforming IT to a business partner for providing business and customer driven solution.
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