Sunday, September 18, 2016

The CIO’s Digital Agenda: Running IT as “Decisioneer” Sep. 2016

It's not necessarily information, but the business insight leads to the right decision making.

IT is the foundation of data, information, and modern knowledge. The biggest misnomer regarding IT is that it is "just technology." Digital is about the rapidly change and continuous business flow, and IT becomes a changing organization to driving business transformation. How to fine tune IT to become a change agent and get the business digital ready?

   Running IT as “Decisioneer “ Sep. 2016

  • IT as a Proactive Business Decision Maker?  More often than not, technology is the creative destructor for business regardless of which sectors you are in, and IT becomes the key ingredient in any competitive business capability, either it’s the utility necessity for company's survival or the unique competency for the organization’s thriving; and the success of IT project can leapfrog a business to the uprising business star; while the failed IT project will directly impact business’s bottom line, even surviving. Hence, IT leaders, essentially are business leaders as well, have to have a seat at the big table and make key business decisions more proactively?

  • CIOs as VISIONEERs: Running Digital IT with "DECISIONEERING & SOLUTIONEERING & ENGINEERING" Disciplines: Forward-thinking IT organizations continue to reinvent themselves to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. Ambitious companies also understand how crucial IT is to drive businesses growth and optimize business capabilities. Digital transformation is on the way. IT Transformation seeks to change. The word "transformation" in itself means change and change for the better - new ways and methods of doing things, new structures, new relationships etc. The contemporary CIOs are visioneers (visionary pioneers)- who can run digital IT with decisioneering, solutioneering, and engineering disciplines to improve organizational level effectiveness, intelligence, and maturity.

  • Data or Process, Which is More Critical in Decision Making? Decision making is a daily challenge for most business leaders because organizations become over-complex, hyper-connected, uncertain and ambiguous. What is more important to effecting good decisions within your organization? A sound process? Or the "best" (reliable and relevant) data? What’s your best scenario to make effective decisions?

  • Information vs. Decision Making? At today’s digital dynamic, information is abundant, the business has become over-complex also hyper-connected, what’s the correlation between information and decision making. If data-decision pair works fine to advocate analytics based culture; as information is the processed data; and knowledge is processed information, how about information-decision pair? It's not necessarily information, but the business insight leads to the right decision making. So how to measure information accuracy as well as decision-making effectiveness?

  • An Influential IT: IT as Business Decision Influencer? Fundamentally, the purpose of IT organization is to ensure the right information going to the right people at the right time and location in order to make the right decision. Indeed, IT is a key business decision influencer at information-explosion era, but more specifically, how does IT make an impact on the business decision, and how can IT improve business’s decision-making capabilities?.

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