Saturday, February 10, 2018

The “PURE” Traits of Digital Innovators

Being innovative is simply about thinking differently and doing things differently. 

Innovators have many traits such as vision, passion, determination, dedication, confidence, disobedience, and resilience, etc. Innovators are not compromised with mediocrity or conventional wisdom, they get less polluted by negative vibes, discover new possibilities and better ways to do things. They focus on thinking positively and creatively because being creative is a way of thinking, of imagining, of expression, of perceiving things, of inventing, of inspiring, etc. Great innovators have such “PURE” traits to refine their character and stand out from the crowd.

Positive: Being innovative is a state of mind. A positive mental attitude can win professionally and elegantly because the mind is focused on strength, opportunities, and inspired creativity. Being an innovator needs to take a lot of risks and failure is part of innovation. The difference between positive and negative is perception and choice. Learn to abide by nature and let the positive dominate the negative. Incidentally, a single unexpected success suddenly triggers a chain of positive thought process. A good positive chain of thoughts followed by positive actions brought good results. A positive mind has the right dose of confidence to reimagine possibility and tolerate risks, to trigger creativity and harness changes.

Unique: Innovators are unique because they have the good habit to think independently, critically and unconventionally. Being unique means to be genuine, real, and authentic. An innovator presents the cohesive self, not the pieces of incoherent parts. They have the unique personality to open for the new experience, tolerant of ambiguity, they have the tendency to constantly question the status quo, they possess the learning plasticity and inquisitiveness, and they can make unusual connections to spur creativity. They don’t always follow others but discover their own unique path for experiencing new things, experimenting with alternative ways or being self-motivated to achieve their goals creatively.

Resilient: Generally speaking, being innovative means doing things differently, you must allow room for failure, for tangents, for being "different.” Failure is very much an intrinsic part of innovating. Thus, being resilient is important because that means the person can undergo high dynamic stress and yet he/she is able to recover, they just don't let the negative experience restrict them or scare them away. Resilient people also feel hurt and pain, they have disappointments, they sense failures, but overall speaking, they can face challenges and setbacks with the positive attitude and be able to keep working and focusing, even during stress and disturbance. They display the capacity to respond to the unexpected in a way that increases gain and/or minimizes loss.

Emotional Excellence: Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving. People with high EQ have better clarity of thoughts, and therefore, do not get carried by the herd mentality, for stimulating creativity. They have self-conscious, are able to leverage conscious and subconscious thoughts to create a new state of awareness where the self is nourished by the experience of positivity to nurture creativity and develop the state of innovativeness.

Being innovative is simply about thinking differently and doing things differently. To a gifted creative talent, being creative is something that they are, whether they're consciously being creative or not. Be “PURE” and focus to stimulate creativity, but also be sophisticated enough to connect the wide dots and leverage multidimensional thought processes for coming up with multidisciplinary associations. Innovators are among us and within us.


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