Sunday, February 25, 2018

The New Book “Problem-Solving Master” Quote Collection 2

Either running a successful business or living a progressive life is a problem-solving continuum.

The purpose of “Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creatively“ is to throw some light on how to understand, frame, and solve today’s multilayer, interdependent, and over-complex business problems effortlessly. Digital leaders and professionals should self-aware of their role in problems, show professional maturity, and develop a good reputation as the problem-solver.

19 The business or societal progress is made via a healthy cycle of problem framing and problem-solving continuum.

20 Information-based problem-solving is about how to capture information-based insight and foresight in making right business decisions timely and solving problems effectively.

21 Pattern thinking enables to capture deep insight into complex problems systematically.

22 Businesses need both: “Out of the box” and “shaping the bigger box” type of innovative problem-solving.

23 The point is, framing the right problem is equally or even more important than solving it.

24 Change, creativity, and problem-solving are all important perspectives for driving the business forward.

25 Creative needs a purpose, and creativity needs a problem.

26 “Out of the box” problem-solvers have developed a series of habits to connect the dots effortlessly and trigger creativity frequently in order to solve problems elegantly.

27 Either running a successful business or living a progressive life is a problem-solving continuum.

28 People who can solve problems in a new way are the innovators.

29 Diversity with cognitive differences can stimulate creativity and come out unconventional solutions to thorny problems.

30 Begining with the end in mind for either solving the problem or creating a strategy.

31 You have to dig through the mindset level to diagnose the root causes of problems, and you need to leverage Systems Thinking in framing problems as well.

32 In a broader sense, Systems Thinking is a path to greater awareness for framing the right problem.

33 Systems Thinking provides a structured process and takes consideration of the rage of options.

34 The purpose of Systems THinking is to frame and solving problems for creating desirable futures.

35 A drop of oil on a sprocket will eventually lubricate the whole chain.

36 In general, the qualitative analysis or constraints come from the macro level; the quantitative measures or energy comes from the micro level.

37 A system has to be outcome focused, with the desired end state.

38 Systems Thinkers shape a worldview based on the realization of interconnectedness.

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