Monday, October 8, 2018

The New Book “The Change Agent CIO” Quote Collection III

Change is never for its own sake; it’s about making improvement and creating synergy in the multitude of its impact across the organization.

The purpose of this book “The Change Agent CIO: The CIO’s Dynamic Role of Leading Digitalization“ is to share insight into the multifaceted CO leadership disciplines and multidimensional change agenda of IT. The digital CIOs are in demand to “disrupt,” inspire changes and accelerate digital transformation. They are change agents to reinvent IT as the business growth engine, optimize business processes and structures, rejuvenate the corporate culture and communication, and raise their intellectual voice to lead change interactively, innovatively, and relentlessly.

45 Innovation happens when you change the game; you bring a different twist to what is currently established and perceived.

46 The change in the digital era is multifaceted with increasing speed and high velocity.

47 The drive of Change Leadership is for making progress and inspiring innovation.

48 Change Agent has the ability to play the right role and know which to play, and when.

49 Leadership is about change.

50 Leadership or directorship is about setting directions and inspiring changes.

51 With proactive support and full engagement of top leaders, Change Management can become an enjoyable voyage to discover the new landscape of business.

52 The psychology of the change is that “people like to change but do not want to be changed and there is the difference.

53 The true empowerment breaks down the out of dated rules and cracks down the anti-digital mindsets.

54 Organizations risk and fall, not on the quantum of plans and resources, but on the capabilities to lead and manage, yet most important to execute.

55 When people are empowered, intrinsically motivated, creative to take initiatives and self-confident, they can become the real change agents and problem-solvers.

56 Business Change Management is about managing everything that is necessary to get people to adopt new ways of working.

57 If you make change part of your routine, and then change becomes easier to deal with.

58 To overcome digital stagnation, empower your change agents who present game-changing mindsets and well-rounded changeability.

59 Managing change is no longer a one-time project, but an ongoing business capability.

60 It is worth the effort to break down silos, get out of the comfort zone, and prepare the future proactively, in order for individuals and businesses to reach the digital premium.

61 By identifying the symptoms of the digital conundrum at the early stage, businesses can adapt to changes smoothly.

62 Running a highly collaborative IT organization means how to leverage information and technology for providing tailored business solutions that will improve performance, responsiveness, and maturity.

63 Enforcing cross-functional communication and collaboration is one of the crucial steps to avoid IT management pitfalls.

64 IT leaders need to be fully aware of the promises and perils of performance management, play the number game wisely.

65 Running IT as the business, IT performance has to be clearly linked with the business performance.

66 Performance metrics are numbers in context, results related to the strategic goals of the business.

67 IT performance needs to well reflect the multidimensional business value in which IT can contribute both strategically and operationally, to capture both short-term gain and long-term win.

68 The reason Change Management is challenging because it’s like trying to drive with your foot on the break and the accelerator at the same time.

69 Managing digital performance and improving business achievement as an iterative continuum means setting metrics, adjusting plans, measuring performance, and understanding results dynamically.

70 IT should cross-examine business opportunities and risks, and IT must contribute to or facilitate and accelerate organizational performance.

71 Don’t just play the number game, but connect the contextual dots and focus on the overall business objectives of changes.

72 Due to fierce competitions and rapid changes, making a continuous improvement is critical for surviving and thriving of digital businesses today.

73 Change is the voyage which needs to continually discover its own landscape, avoid potential pitfalls and enjoy unique scenes of digitalization.

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