Monday, October 1, 2018

Demystify the Labyrinth of Digital Transformation

Don’t be panic and walk through the digital labyrinth confidently, and don’t rest until you’ve done everything you could do to make your organization resilient, inventive, inspiring, and accountable as it could be.

The digital paradigm shift is inevitable. Organizations today need to constantly improve the business and see change as an opportunity while keeping a holistic overview of the organization. Consider digital organizations as the self-organized but interlaced entities, and humans are vehicles of natural and cultural evolution. Digital transformation is “pushed” by both visible forces and invisible forces, hard forces and soft forces from multiple directions. It represents a break from the past, with a high level of impact and complexity. How can you demystify the labyrinth of the digital transformation?

Transformation is one thing. The state 'to be' is quite another: Doing digital is perhaps about adopting some latest technologies or building a few cool apps, but going digital needs to expand in every organizational dimension to unlock the full potential of the business, and being digital is a state of mind. The driver for business transformation would differ from organization to organization based on what the specific problem they're trying to solve is as well as which unique strength they decide to build. However, many organizations are struggling to walk through the digital labyrinth because they have no common understanding across the board about digitalization regardless of methodology, due to their overall mindset or culture. By definition, if it's transforming from a state to another, it means that one is acquiring a whole set of other things quite different from what they currently have. Therefore, common understanding, at many levels, is important. At the strategic level, making the effort at the leadership and portfolio level to qualify and quantify value in terms of both strategic value and tactical value; direct revenue and indirect terms is the first step to crafting high-level strategic intents. At the tactical level, follow the digital principles to implement business goals by delivering multidimensional business value is the core of digital management and methodology. Often, it’s important to adjust the mindset in order to show the benefits of having a common understanding. Without the real understanding, people will get stuck at the tunnel vision or get lost in the digital labyrinth. Although it’s actually normal that people will not agree on everything, but they really ought to understand why and what they are disagreeing with, and then, you can value different opinions and take advantage of collective insight. When the goal is clear, the guideline is set, and people are equipped with the right mindset, empowered by strong leadership, apply the right methodology and technology, they can walk through the digital labyrinth to reach their destination confidently.

Path-finding in the digital labyrinth by exploring business innovation: The digital age upon us is the era of people and innovation. Being competitive will have an innovation component, a new capability that unlocks a new market or revenue stream. Exploring the business innovation should fully cover wide enough directions, and ultimately discover the path to walk through the digital labyrinth smoothly. There are a lot of business factors, including “hard” factors such as policy, process, performance, and “soft” factors such as culture, leadership, communication that come with that, in order to make the digital model transformation sustainable. To scale up either digital practices or innovation effect, organizations must begin thinking about ways with digital planning to broaden their ecosystems and revenue streams and become more responsive and flexible. Exploring digital innovation and demystifying the digital labyrinth need to lay out different structures, discover solutions to develop the business potential where organizations are combining all that is available to them in imaginative and adventurous ways. Unique challenges become more apparent as we push the limits of the available technology and resources, which further push us to find a solution to the problem at hand and discover the path to walk through the digital labyrinth practically. The business needs innovation silver lining from specific tools rising to an overall problem-solving system environment, and expand its influence with the ability to co-create and amplify innovation effect in a dynamic digital ecosystem.

Walk through the digital labyrinth to debunk the myth of the enterprise digital maturity: The truth is that both the digital world and the physical one are indispensable parts of the business. The purpose of digitalization is to make a significant difference in the overall levels of business performance and organizational maturity. Digital methodology and technology make a profound impact on specific functions to the business as a whole. One of the major drivers of change continues to be the impact of technology. Digital technology now allows for both more focused communication and consequent customization than ever before. To walk through the digital labyrinth, it’s crucial to strike the right balance, have intellectual to connect the minds and touch the hearts, build trust, gain commitment and engagement, rather than just be compliant with work tasks. The organization becomes "unconscious" when it is no longer responding to the external environment. The business with self-adaptation can make conscious business choices seamlessly, and manage risks effectively. Don’t be panic and walk through the digital labyrinth confidently, and don’t rest until you’ve done everything you could do to make your organization resilient, inventive, inspiring, and accountable as it could be.

Business will be more successful when they realize that one of their greatest strengths will be their change capability. Always keeps the end in mind when walking through the digital labyrinth. It requires to ensure endurance, a persistence that mere authority can’t generate, with the goal to keep the business healthy, resilient, responsive, innovating, and continuously improving.


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