Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The New Book “The Change Agent CIO” Introduction Chapter VI: The Digital Change Agent

The change in the digital era is multifaceted with increasing speed and high velocity.

Nowadays change is multifaceted with increasing speed and velocity. Change Mangement is about mentoring the human side of the business through the profound and unsettling changes. Therefore, change agents are critical as they have been an invaluable source of courage, knowledge, business direction, insight, and the company brand advocates.

Spot change champions: The increasing speed, high velocity and the fast pace of technological advances have clearly impacted the nature and scope of the business opportunity as well as the risk involved. When you stop changing, you’ve already lost. Many think that people’s intelligence is tested by their changeability. Changeability gives you confidence because you know you are able to positively adapt to any given situation by accepting, embracing and leading changes. A change agent or champion can take the right dose of risk and has a good attitude to drive change because it takes courage, confidence, and intelligence to overcome the “fear of failure.” They are problem-solvers, enjoy understanding the business problems and figuring out innovative solutions. They are often the innovators or the early adopters of the new concept, new methods or new practices. What change agents or champions most often do are to instill drive, passion, and enthusiasm, expand knowledge, harness skills, build capabilities, and make continuous improvement.

Change the game is the mindset: Change is accelerated in the digital era; to embrace change requires a change of mindset at every level and an understanding that things cannot stay the same. Change is difficult and staying in the comfort zone is cozy. Though it doesn’t mean that we can’t change to improve who we are and what we’re doing. Changing mindset is challenging, often if people have been in an organization from a long period of time, their mindset may be one of “I don’t want to change, and why should I?” Mindset is at the heart of our belief system. Resistance to any change is results of ingrained attitudes about oneself and about the company. A “Changeable Mindset” is a success factor for any change management effort, a prerequisite to building a culture of innovation and a trait in any high-performance businesses.

Empowering change agents is critical to real changes: Creating positive change is a joint effort, a joint responsibility that goes beyond the inspirational change leaders and relentless change agents. It needs to involve your entire teams at all levels. Empowerment is important. Executive team members need to have a unified and unwavering commitment to changes. In some situations, it will be necessary to remove “the old way of doing things,” in order to make progress. At the same time, the change agent needs to build meaningful relations. Find out what people’ s real concerns are. Listen and ask tough questions. Be there when the tough challenges pop up. Deal with the real concerns of those who can put up roadblocks. The empowered change agents can take bold steps to drive changes from incremental improvement to leapfrogging digital transformation.

It is nevertheless true that change itself has become unpredictable and evolutionary, a digital organization with strong change capability is an environment of growth and letting go, possibilities, chaos, solutions, innovation, creativity, and change are interconnected. Change Mangement can become an enjoyable voyage to discover the new landscape of the business.


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