Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Monthly “Problem-Solving Master” Book Tuning: Running IT as Innovative Problem-Solver Apr. 2019

The purpose of Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creatively“ is to throw some light on how to understand, frame, and solve today’s multilayer, interdependent, and over-complex business problems effortlessly. Digital leaders and professionals should self-aware of their role in problems, show professional maturity, and develop a good reputation as the problem-solver.


Running IT as Innovative Problem-Solver

Running IT as Innovative Problem-Solver In the digital era with “VUCA” characteristics, IT has many to offer but also needs to overcome a lot of challenges. To improve its organizational maturity, IT has to transform from a supporting center to an innovative business solver, helps the company develop the differentiated competency, predicts upcoming opportunities or risks, meet customers’ expectations, catalyzes changes and drives digital transformation seamlessly.

Running IT as a Digital Solutionary for Information Management? Information grows rapidly and it is one of the most invaluable business assets of modern organizations. Information does not live alone but permeates into everywhere in the business. Thus, the value of information is not isolated. Information Management is a scientific management discipline for effective problem-solving. Those companies that proactively invest in information Management solutions today will be able to competitively leverage their own information going forward with accelerated speed to thrive in the digital era of hyperconnectivity and fierce competitions.

Running Solution-Driven IT The role of the CIO continues to evolve rapidly in the midst of the information growth and the accelerating changes in technology. While it is assumed that the core of a CIO is to manage the IT organization to achieve operational excellence, increase the capacity of business execution and improve overall business maturity, CIOs must have a higher level of influence on how businesses change, innovate, and run a solution-driven IT organization.

The Digital CIO as the Business Solutionist Fundamentally, running a business is a change and problem-solving continuum. With continuous disruptions and exponential growth of information, the role of IT in the current business environment should be able to solve critical business problems and enable business outcomes. To keep IT relevant for the long run, the digital CIOs as the business solutionist should ask themselves whether they are offering something in their dialogue that really helps business partners see how they differentiate themselves or their business practices can help to solve the toughest business problems and achieve the competitive advantage.

Running IT as a Systematic Problem-Solver With the overwhelming growth of information and fierce competitions, IT becomes the decisive factor for the business’s long-term success. Fundamentally, running a business is an iterative problem-solving continuum. Nowadays, Information Management is not just about information or process, but a systematic management discipline for problem-solving. Organizations today have to aggressively leverage digital technologies, platforms, and tools as the enabler of communication, collaboration, social interaction, and brainstorming, for proactively engaging in problem-solving.

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