Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Positive Mind: How to Handle Negative Emotions

A really high EQ mind stays positive, self-aware and wise if you get negative vibes, you move away.

Human is not perfect, there are positive emotions and negative emotions; such as joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments, affection, and the 8th one: envy; the negative emotions such as the malicious envy may evoke the unprofessional or even destructive behaviors to build the walls in people’ hearts and cause the toxic culture in the work, business, and society. So how to handle your emotions and raise your EQ effectively?
True intelligence comes from self-observation and self-management. When you can observe emotions from a distance.. and when you are able to use them ..And indeed for this one will have to be one's own observer.. a close observer. Emotion is there for some purpose not to be withheld but to observe as it is. Leave that judgment of good or bad behind. In fact, you need to observe emotions as a true force, help move with energy in the direction of your purpose. Let positive emotions flow, but consciously manage negative emotions and improve your EQ proactively.

You do have to feel the emotions and live with them through. Emotions work for you. When you become self-aware, when you know the triggers to the emotions, it is very important to own up to your faults..there are brief moments of envy..brief moments of anger..brief moments of despair..all these images play out on the screen of life. As humans, it’s understandable to experience negative emotions.. but do not let the negative ones stay for longer than a moment or two...Their aftermath should have a minimum adverse impact.

The corporate and societal culture shall encourage talent for the betterment of society, but discourage the negative behaviors caused by negative emotions. So good to be a human with all the emotions vibrating. Each emotion helps you evolve. But as intelligent beings, it is important to manage them in a progressive way. By progress, it means the addition of virtue and knowledge to ourselves all the time. We should be positive and respectful..and always seek for greater cognitive connection as well as wisdom. And as the society, the negative behaviors caused by negative emotions should be discouraged, and organizations and society should adore and appreciate those individuals who are directed towards using their superior skills or abilities for the betterment of society.These intellectuals must overcome the fear of ever getting isolated by the society as recognition somehow becomes their need.

Your envy may degrade your integrity or professionalism; your ego is a mask or a costume that you wear in the great play of life, to hide your authenticity; your fear drains energy and thwarts creativity. So the mind with high EQ needs to manage it right, find something positive, you stay with it, and that if you get negative move away…


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"A Positive Mind: How to Handle Negative" offers invaluable insights into maintaining positivity amidst challenges. This guide empowers readers to navigate adversity with resilience and grace to handle.

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