Monday, December 15, 2014

Is Discovery more from the Eyes or from the Mind?

Discovery is perception and awareness of the unique in the field of the ordinary.

Discovery is the choice to look at something differently and by that choice never look at anything the same. Discovery is realizing something or having the experience of something that therefore has not been known to you or known only as a concept, but now is alive to you.

You cannot envision a discovery as it is still not known to you. Discovery is a process of revealing unknown facts. Every discovery must be supported by sound rational and logical certainty that can be accepted without any doubt whatsoever. You have "discovered" a new way to be observant of something that you dismissed as being not worthy of your focus before. The decision changes how you perceive all information and situations.

Discovery is perception and awareness of the unique in the field of the ordinary. Discovery has nothing to do with whether it results in a commercial success or not. That is a jump from being an inventor to an innovator. Two different skill sets, two different visions, two different thinking styles, but surely they have correlations, the more discovery you envision, the better chance and possibility you are the innovators as well.

Discovery is 'the journey of life' as each day we discover something previously unknown to us. The word "Discovery" refer to "Knowledge"; because the more you read and learn, the more you will realize that there are more you don’t know yet.

Discovery is the result of serendipity. Discovery means exactly what it means - uncovering what is hidden (from you, out of your five senses, from your company, from your industries in your market sector, finally from everyone).

Discovery starts with an open mind and fresh eyes, it is a new way to see and perceive the things, and it is a life experience and adventure.


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