Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Simplicity Mind

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."  -Albert Einstein

Both simplicity and complexity are states of minds. Simplicity has a multitude of perspectives, what’s the “simplicity” referred to? What’s the true relationship between simplicity and complexity? Does simplicity come through art or science?

Simplifying the Complexity is the best mind crafting: Our minds conforms to everything which is structured and planned. Complexity is the process to exercise your mind, to make things simple. A rational mind complicates the simple things. An intuitive mind simplifies the complexity. An artistic mind looks at it simply. An Architect’s mind abstracts the complexity; A system mind streamlines complexity. A critical mind probes the complexity. And a Self-Aware mind goes beyond the complexity.

The simplicity and the complexity are just opposite ends of the same spectrum. Simplicity and Complexity is an age-old dilemma even in English Grammar! That compounds all "problems." You need complexity to understand and appreciate the simplicity and vice versa. It's all about balance and perception. In the core of simplicity lies complexity,..more simple one perceives in any system, problem or living being is inherently more complex....Externally simplicity is directly proportional to internal complexity.

Diving deep and getting a simple answer is true simplicity. Remove the layers of complexity to reach what is simple at the core. These layers of complexity exist only in the mind. Science is into simplifying the complexity. It decodes the unseen. Unseen is complex until it is known. Once known, it becomes simple. Ask questions before communicating to others: 1). Is it easily understandable? 2). Have I omitted anything by oversight? 3). Have I taken anything for granted? If we believe in nature's order of creation then we simplify the complexity, and if we don't believe in it then we complicate the simple things. The problem with simple solutions is that they do not appear exciting...they do not make one's adrenaline rush.. and, therefore, they are not appreciated.

Simplicity and Complexity are states of mind. Life is a paradox...It is full of contradictions... getting simple answers out of that paradox could be the motive of some people. To look at things from various sides does not make anything complex...it is a process to simplify. Some get into it, some do not. One makes things simple when one brings people to understand them. The skill to trigger understanding gives power; there is value in making things simple because complexity threatens or stupefies, simplicity feels familiar, concise and practical. However, not every complexity is bad, all the intelligent beings are complex at certain level, the point is how to eliminate the unnecessary complexity (complication) to make it elegant, Labels influence the mind to look at things their way which could be the root of all complications... complication causes uncertainty, insecurity and a sense of incompetence. And you know the elegant solution when you see it.

Simplicity has a multitude of perspectives. Elegance is such a word to convey “just right” simplicity. Simplicity is an aspect of “appropriate” abstraction. There is a relationship between simplicity and clarity. With simplicity, what we are adding is clarity and purpose. Let us decode the complexity, we make our path, life is always good, we make it complex or simple, the sooner we learn the better simple person we will be, we all have the power within, to think, learn and expand our knowledge, the choice is ours. People complicate the simple things when they don't have the answers. The masters decode complexity and make it simple but purposeful.


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