Saturday, December 20, 2014

Poor Leadership, Poor Followership: Which Comes First

The culture of “mediocrity” is one of the root causes of both poor leadership and poor followership.

There are numerous leadership debates to explore the leadership fundamentals: Are leaders suppose to be good people or bad people? Poor leadership or poor followership: which comes first? What are the characteristics of poor leaders -poor character, low EQ, tremendous egos, bad decision maker, and what else? And what are the root causes of such poor leadership?

The culture of “mediocrity” is one of the root causes of poor leadership: Culture is the collective mind and habit. That times "good" leaders are conceived as a threat by their bosses. That breeds "mediocrity" down under. That's the breeding ground for bad/poor leaders. most of them has been appointed to become the manager who emphasis on transaction management, but they may lack vision, courage, motivation, empathy to employee or followers. So they use authority more than the art of leadership to move the job to success. Many take leadership positions by whom they know, and not by who they are - their mind, skills, knowledge, understanding and experience, also due to lack of understanding of the situation and capabilities to assess by top management. Many poor leaders lack independent thinking capability and they are the followers to their inner circle.

A poor follower is poor in spirit and is vulnerable to being taken advantage of: Being dependent vs. independent; low self-esteem; unable to see the gifts they bring; takes a job out of survival because of this list instead of what feeds and nurturing their spirit, strengths and supports a level of confidence in ability. A poor follower will allow bias or abuse verbally, mentally and possibly physically and allows themselves to believe another is of more worth and may allow harm to themselves to carry out a mission. And there is obviously something wrong with culture if being complimented as nice turns to be “insulting” for many people; or good people never want to become the leaders. Nobody is perfect, good people just mean they have certain common human values to make a positive influence, it doesn't mean they need to be restrictively religious people. Each person is here for a reason, a purpose and if they are too slow to invest in themselves then they become dependent on those with displaced egos "leading" them. ...becoming enabled by a belief they are better, stronger or can know more than oneself. Read, learn and continuously seek new trends, information and what inspires you to share and support others! It takes all of the people, either leaders or followers, to be free, knowledgeable and growing.

The media followership stimulates the poor leadership further: Business culture; particularly as portrayed in the media, idolizes the bombastic, aggressive extrovert as a leader, and considers those who exhibit humility and a degree of introversion to be weak and incapable of leadership. Or they confuse leadership as entertainment, action as acting only, style over substance, or even makes the impression that only bad people can become the leaders. The cause- effect of the poor leadership-poor followership is the distorted vision and misjudgment, toxic culture and low morality. And managers have been trained in doing and not being. Leaders are not aware of how to be better people with professionalism, so they can not be better leaders. But, according to Collins’s book Good to Great, those quieter leaders who do make it through often go on to be the very best leaders in the long term.

Poor leadership is caused by the people -the followers who don't know how to select or even recognize good leaders. More specifically, there are so many bad leaders because they are not chosen by the majority of people, they are imposed on people by the power circle due to the special interest. Many exercise leadership style as Machiavellian leaders - manipulates employees, egocentric etc - so they are perceived as poor managers. It comes down to a lack of accountability, a deficit of passion for the purpose and a surplus of self-interest. In order to lead effectively, you must understand that it should not get easier as you move up. In fact, to be a good leader, you should be prepared to make more sacrifices, better self-disciplined and continue to learn, de-learn and relearn all the times.

Either leaders or followers, spend more time on developing your passions, strength and where you might support others, There is a "leadership" role in each of us...dream it, discover it, design it and do it! Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen if you try? Self-knowledge, leadership is the journey to improve one's character and actions. The majority want to be good leaders, be good role models and create good results. Become a leader is a matter of DECISION. Become a GOOD leader is a matter of progressive mind, necessary knowledge, skills and "behaviors," to make this happen. Good leaders are effective while great leaders are truly transformational and take their organizations and human society to a next level.


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