Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Artist’s Mind

 The modern artists are artistic technologists or digital "artpreneur."

The impression for artists has a mixed bag of reputation, the idea of 'the artist' being extravagant, egoistic, overly emotional and moody is a less positive modern perception; in pose modern vision, others equal artists’ quality to the creativity, and analogize creativity is just like the painter’s colors well mixed into the shapes, the designs, the expressions, and concept, etc. What’s inside an artist’s mind though?
There’s no doubt the artist has a more creative mind than many other types of professionals. The true Artist is a master of this. He/she defines channels from head to hand for creativity to be realized. The source of these creative channels is the link to the future. Modern artists master at cross-disciplinary activities a well, they are artistic technologist; or digital "artpreneur, " Many of them live beyond function or cubicles and see well beyond societal restraints. They are transforming from an "industry loser" to a digital champion.
An Artist’s mind is expressive beyond manipulating the languages. The artist’s mind is more visualized, the intention of their creativity is not for direct problem solving, but for abstract expression, aesthetic appreciation,  vision conveying, or inspirational creation, they are more idealistic than practical; have strong sense and sensitivity, their artistic expression is more interpersonal and conceptual, and their communication style is more creative than descriptive.
An artist’s mind is imaginable and dynamic. That which is called creativity is far beyond the scope of ideas, materials, shapes, colors, and sounds. It is an ever-flowing river that flows from the very source. When connected to that source, the artist’s creativity remains fresh, unique and harmonious, they explore the meaning of humanity through the varying form of artistic expression; and they craft their artwork for deepening the thought and challenging the conventional wisdom. They may solve the problem by not approaching it directly; they may take the adventure by not following the worldly rules; and they may change the world by recovering the nature's original colors and themes, they apply their creativity to harmonize and orchestrate the ongoing journey for mankind progression.
An artist’s mind is “anti-practical”: The practical mind is single-minded in pursuing modern brief for the single dimensional value. But many of our grand old buildings would not be so 'grand' if they had to meet the demands of the modern brief - maximum inhabitants on the minimum footprint for the minimum cost and in the minimum time. The idea of spending decades mastering technique and vision seems to give way to 'can I get it out faster' and 'create what sells not what came from the deepest part of you'...An artist mind is perhaps not so metrics-driven, but it masters the nature or invisible rules to understand the rise and wane, full and wax...hence, it is more profound and futuristic.
The artist’s mind is not perfect, there’s no such perfect mind; some are optimistic, some are pessimistic; some are balanced, but some are extreme; some are colorful, but some are black & white; some think fast, some run slowly, some solve problems and some cause dispute. But still, it is kind of unique mindset which is perhaps better explored to release the creative potential, and not for the repair of a situation, but for the birth of a new age.


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