Thursday, December 4, 2014

Self-Reflective Thinking: Imagine you are your older self, what would say to your younger self right now?

"The wise men do not get older, they ripen." -Victor Hugo

Life is a journey, we all grow, learn, reflect, and we all intend to reach the ultimate level of maturity. Imagine you are your older and wiser self, what would say to your younger self right now. And what are the life stages shall you take to live a more creative and purposeful life?

Be authentic, be self:
Every person is unique. Trust your intuition more and take time to celebrate the victories and achievements, but also appreciate the failures and setbacks; because the victory can let you taste a moment of joy, but the failure can test your resilience and life profundity; Do not sweat the small stuff! Be humbled about life -it is precious, mysterious, energetic and poetic, it is like a moon with full and wax; it is like a tide, with the rise and wane; and it is like a hill, there's up and down, live it with its original rhythm, and catch up with it with unique speed. Be bold, live intentionally. Don't waste your time hiding or keeping yourself from the experiences, things, and people you want or that matter. At your youth, take the adventure, discover the unknown, think of the infinite possibilities, choices, that one can make at any given time... and ponder the paths and other choices and split-offs that could lead to.

Appreciate the variety of taste in life: The sweetness can grow the cavity, and test your gravitas; the bitterness can cure your weakness; the spicy can stimulate your energy. the sourness can evoke your imagination. Enjoy the now, take time to smell the rose. Remember to listen and really pay attention. Allow yourself permission to be wrong, forgive yourself more for your decisions, take the consequences whether good or bad, love yourself unconditionally, be prepared to scare yourself every day and share the magic ingredient of life. Even you can't fully control it, but you can live it with brilliance. Let life flow out of comfort zone; to discover the new scenes, and experience the uncertainty. If you never hit the crisis point - the point in which you sense the opportunity in the risks; and you discover the path full of barriers, you may never truly experience the life. Flow over the mountains- even it seems to be over; flow to the shores -even it might be running out of the path; Suddenly, you discover the new scenes - the shadow of trees, the color of flowers, and here comes to the new village - the fresh chapter of life, just enjoy it.

When life is stretched out to the new level of experience, it can not go back to the old dimension: Just like a little water drop merging into the sea, it is no longer just a simple and single drop of water, it has experienced the profundity of a deep ocean. Do what you feel is right for you. Use your head, follow your heart, believe in yourself. Be confident. Take chances, learn from your failures. Don't take things at face value, check them out before you do them. Add to the Joy by joining the chorus of those who have found the music of meaning in their life and be delightful in expressing that melody! Whenever you hit a setback, raise your expectations, use imagination, and work harder and smarter to keep the arc of your life and career on an upward path. Otherwise, your journey will be defined by your setbacks rather than your achievements.

Not just get older, but become wiser as well. The older, wiser you would have the insight you may lack right now, or even be in a different situation personally, emotionally and mentally, still, the simple advice is -be thyself, be bold and be comfortable of being who you really are.


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