Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Reflection: Either you are a Leader or a Follower -What Makes a Good Person?

New Year Wish: May we have the peace in mind, passion in heart and be a good person, first things first.

It is the end of year, before making resolution, perhaps we shall take a moment to do a reflection, regardless of who you are, are you a good person? There are so many things that make a good person good and it depends to a large degree on who is to assess and evaluate what is good - that is, the observers perspective. One important thing, is that each of us defines our own personal values - who we want to be, what is important to us and how we want to act in relation to others - and do our very best to live in line with those values. To show our own ethos in action. Is there a common set of value which make one good?

Treat others as you want to be treated. The ambition of being good is good, to have a positive perspective and influence, and actually trying to do good is being good. Being passionate on what your passion is if it’s also a benefit for surroundings; being emphatic with others; and treat others as you want to be treated.

Be wise - either making decision or making a judgement A good person is someone who tries to make the best decisions with the resources available to them. This doesn't mean they make the best choices, but try to do what they can with what they have. A good person is not equal to the restrictly religious person or inflexible mind, instead, a good person can be creative and flexible to overcome challenges facing mankind.

Be who you are, be authentic: Be professional, be trustworthy. Being good is not equal to have smiles on the face or the expression on the surface. Do not envy; do not hatred, and do not be a rumor monger or back biter. A good person is truly themselves, also shows respect to others. yet understanding self is a journey of change, fostered by either discontent or curiosity.

Make culture (the collective mind and behavior) positive as well. A free mind and a heart without boundaries are about equivalent to being truly oneself. The difference between hell and heaven is in the cages of our mind, only to be locked and unlocked at will. When the collective mind - culture does not respect or vilify a good person, and reward the opposite, then mankind is moving backward.

Make fair judgement: Judgement is always necessary to keep as an option, but should be exercised with caution, especially where information is incomplete, or of a preliminary nature. Making judgments keeps on alive. It is when a judgement is coupled with a built-in bias towards self-righteousness, it becomes dangerous.

New Year Wish: May we have the peace in mind, passion in heart and be a good person, first things first.


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