Sunday, December 7, 2014

To Celerate #1400 Posting: A Progressive Mind

A progressive mind is the only engine to push the human world forward.

It is almost the end of Year, and this blog is also reaching the #1400th blog posting, even for many, it is not the year of significant breakthrough, but for most of the people, at least they may have something to celebrate, and from society perspective, the world is also leapfrogging into digitalization with the accelerated speed, and  it’s perhaps the time to start doing some new year resolution, but more fundamentally, doing some holiday mind crafting - How to shape a progressive mind?

Positivity - Awaken your heart and liberate your mind to obtain accurate knowledge and wisdom, because it gives one a more holistic view of a problem or situation, If the problems or negativity are all you see, then you are part of problems. Want to be part of the solutions, then stop focusing on the problem and focus on the solutions. Once you see the big picture and are in alignment to have a positive result, true progress can be made. Positive attitude lifts up one’s spirit and it’s the engine of the human progress.

Wisdom - Information - Knowledge - Intelligence -Insight -Wisdom life cycle is man-made continuous progress. Nowadays, information is only clicks away, knowledge needs to be digested, intelligence is multidimensional, insight can only be captured via fresh eyes and creative mind, and wisdom is the ultimate level of human cognizance. Through such progressive thinking, awakening is a realization that there is a greater power/intelligence than your own and tapping into that intelligence that runs the universe and also runs your own body mechanisms (macro and micro). If knowledge is the relative truth, then wisdom is the universal truth, some say wisdom is knowledge + love, it is knowledge used with loving intent = wisdom. Once you truly awaken, you feel this powerful sense of love and it is a eureka moment that you are not alone and that the universe supports you. For progress to occur, there must be some connection to this source, so wise action can come through--into human thinking and performance. This is often described as a genius or inspiration.

Balance - Success requires balance, balance creates harmony, harmony catalyzes collective human progress. More often, the human thinks of progress but does not see progress. The progress is not a universal truth but a relative truth because your type of progress may not be progress to others. Every endeavor has benefited some but not all mankind, which makes the endeavor relative and not absolute. From the business perspective, the progress made through silo mind can only benefit the individual function, however, the progress in organizational level progress is to ensure the business as a whole is superior to sum of pieces. Hence, the societal progress is made through the progressive minds which can well balance of diversified viewpoints, creativity, and discipline; opportunity and risk; individualism and team; democracy and unification; science and art; spirit and reality; intuition and analytics. Through such balance of viewpoint and disciplines, the human progress can be sustained and the world can move forward with solid speed.

The world is hyperconnected and interdependent, more often than now, the progress has to be achieved through collective wisdom and diversity of insight; Through the power of digital technology, people are coming together and exchanging ideas and views on solving the common problems for the world. Although there will always be disagreement, the progressive minds build empathy, strike balance, accept and tolerant of difference and discover the creative solutions or the new way to do the things., in order to make collective progress for humans as a species and the world as a whole society.


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