Monday, April 4, 2016

The Monthly Innovation Brief: Creative Leadership Apr. 2016

Creativity is #1 wanted skill now , and Creative Leadership is the digital leadership trend!

Innovation takes a cycle of observing-questioning-connecting-networking-experimenting. From a management perspective, innovation is how to transform novel ideas to achieve its business value. Due to hyper-complexity of modern business, innovation is essentially about reducing the unnecessary business complexity to tackle the complexities of business dynamic. And the leadership in any organization must have the ability to guide, inspire, innovate, and motivate a group of people toward accomplishing shared visions and goals. What are important elements in innovative leadership though?

Creative Leadership

Five Traits of Innovators? Creativity is #1 wanted quality for digital leaders and professionals nowadays, but where can you discover innovators? Do innovators belong to rare breed or they are among us and within us? Why can innovators find more view spots than others? Why can innovators think differently via connecting unusual dots? What are important traits of innovators?

Three Elements to Fuel Creativity  Creativity is simply openness to finding connections between ideas, things, people, experience., etc, and making literally something new from existing things. Creative thinking is the way to look at the “old” problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions. Every forward thinking organization is eager to build a creative workplace, but what are important elements to catalyze creativity, how can you recognize and empower your most creative people and build a culture of creativity?

What are the Top Traits of Innovative Leaders With the increasing speed of change and continuous digital disruption, innovation in organizations is no longer "nice to have," but "must have" strategy and practice, because of the inevitability of competition, and uncertainty of business dynamic. There are many levels of innovation from incremental & iterative to evolutionary to breakthrough. If the cost of your product has to reduce to sustain in the market, then efficiency innovation is a must. If your current market has been disrupted by the new technology or other “brute forces,” then breakthrough innovation is needed to turn around the situation. Innovation is the top challenge for today’s leaders. Is this something you either have in your company, or you don’t? Leadership is one of the critical success factors for innovation. But who are the innovative leaders, and what are the main characteristics of a leader who "encourages innovation"?

What are the main characteristics of an Innovation Leader? Innovation in organizations gets encouraged because of the inevitability of competition and the accelerating changes. But is innovation a structure issue or management discipline? A culture thing or a talent matter? The spirit comes from the top, what are the main characteristics of innovation leaders?

Nine Aspects in Creative Leadership?  Creative leadership is the ability to inspire, to create, and to maintain the social and psychological conditions and the environment in which everyone is able to: (a) reach his or her highest potential; and, (b) contribute "leadership" in areas of his or her unique competencies.

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