Friday, April 8, 2016

The Book “CIO Master” Quote Collection (Part II)

Digital CIOs Rise for Change!

The purpose of CIO Master - Unleash the Digital Potential of IT is to provide guidelines for building a framework to run a highly effective, highly innovative and highly mature digital IT organization. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.
  • Rebrand digital CIOs with multiple personas 
  • Reinvent IT to unleash its full digital potential 
  • Reenergize change as an ongoing digital capability 
  • Refine talent management to bridge IT skills gap 
  • Remaster multidimensional IT to create multi-level business value 
  • Renovate strategy execution continuum to improve effectiveness 
  • Reimagine IT as an innovation engine to catalyze business growth 
  • Reshape IT via leveraging “3P”s: Principle, Portfolio, Performance 
  • Retool IT agility to adapt to changes

Digital IT Management Quotes

  • A multi-dimensional IT creates multi-level values to the business as a whole

  • Running a proactive IT not only means to well align business and IT, but more about IT-business engagement.

  • A strategic IT is a silver lining for a high-performing business.
  • IT plays a pivotal role in driving the business’s digital transformation.

  • IT needs to be the super-glue to bridge business silos and enable holistic decision-making.

  • IT agility is a mentality, culture, process, and perspective.

  • Change is the very nature of technology, and technology is more often than not, the driver of changes.

  • The pervasive digitalization or IT consumerism requires the balance of the “old experience” and the “new way to do things,” the “learning and doing.”

  • IT needs to transform from a big fat silo to the digital fit brain of a modern organization.

  • Strategy is the pillar of organizational existence, its vision, mission, design, structure, and functions.
  • A strategy is a combination of an origin, a destination, and a route to get from origin to destination.

  • Strategic planning simply answers the two questions: Where will you compete and what do you need to do to win.

  • Strategic agility is the characteristic of digital strategy execution continuum.

  • A strategy is very important but will only be successful if it is embedded into a company’s culture.

  • Make the strategy a living thing, which can breathe life into people and the culture.

  • The success of strategy management undoubtedly lies in the “timely execution.”

  • If organizations measure the input to the strategy implementation, but not the output, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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