Wednesday, April 13, 2016

“Digital Valley” Book Preview Chapter 1: Creative Wisdom

Thinking things differently and making imagination roll into reality is creativity.

Creativity is an innate ability to create novel ideas. Creative Thinking is unique and original than many other types of thinking: some are the habit, repetition of memory, emotional reaction, approval seeking, following, social conformity. Creativity is about thinking beyond conventional wisdom, or the “Out of Box” thinking. Creativity is infused with an inner cohesion and comes from a vision of uniqueness. So is creativity a high level of thinking, and what is creative wisdom all about?

The creative state of mind: With increasing speed of changes and hyperconnectivity of the Digital Era, creativity today asks for a new mindset, a connected world image, and cognitive intelligence, allowing creative flow to open up for information abundance and knowledge sharing. Hence, the creative state of mind means many things, it’s an open mind to continue learning and discovering; it’s a possible mind to think in a positive way and make impossible possible; it’s a desirable mind to transform inward driven creativity into outward driven innovation, and it’s a disruptive mind to break down silos and convey different perspectives because the real learning is always a rebellion. It’s a persistent attitude and the inner feeling about “we can do better than the status quo.” It is the ultra-modern mind that keeps flowing to push the human world forward.

Creativity is context-dependent: Creativity is a higher level of thinking because it often imposes a higher cognitive as you think “harder” via different thought processes such as association, perspective shifting, divergent thinking, etc. When you are on a higher plane of thinking, you are not confined by the wall, or limited by the hierarchy. Thinking things differently and making imagination roll into reality is creativity. Knowledge, especially interdisciplinary knowledge can further fuel your creativity because you have wide and wild dots to connect and great insight is a good foundation to frame your imagination. However, being creative is not just about “being knowledgeable,” because they are often at the edge of things and able to expands the boundaries of knowledge. To be creative, you need to re-frame the new box thinking, first, you need to embrace the unknown - think outside the box. Second, you need to challenge the knowing (the old box). The box is the set of rules you are abiding by at any moment in the box, but when things move forward, the outdated rules need to be updated, and creative thinkers would feel more comfortable to break down those old boxes and  continuously evolve, adapt, and prepare for changes and progress.

Multi-faceted creativity: Creativity is like a color spectrum. There are commonalities that are relevant to all colors which reflect the spectrum of light. Such metaphor connects the dot back to the nature of creativity. There is a purpose” to creativity.  And there are situations where the unique attributes of each color are incredibly important and meaningful. Creativity is applied in many spheres of human activity. An essential aspect of creativity is the ability to challenge assumptions, beliefs, conclusions, and to be able to contemplate multiple, even conflicting views of situations. Creativity is all about change. Creativity is not a “thing,” it’s a process that happens as a proactive mental activity to a problem. Creativity is as much defined by the problem as by the capacity of the individual to connect things to resolve that problem in new and unexpected ways. Creativeness derives from one’s ability to let go, let go of assumptions and stigmas we place on objects, ideas, functions, and has a vision of purpose besides what is already obvious. The willingness to fail and try again in order to succeed one day. Creativity is multi-faceted and Creative Thinker is unique.

Creativity has many dimensions, with multifaceted truth and myth, manifold knowledge and incredible imagination. Creativity is a flow, an abstract, and an imagination. Creativity happens in both unconscious and conscious level. Creativity is a complex, multidimensional thought process, creativity is infused with an inner cohesiveness and comes from a vision of uniqueness. We all are utilizing our power to create, otherwise, wouldn’t exist. Either from content, context, or by definition, creativity is high-level thinking, and creative wisdom is an ultimate intelligence to advance human society.

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