Monday, April 18, 2016

“Digital Valley” Book Conclusion: Is There such Thing as a Magic Wisdom Formula?

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.  - Albert Einstein

We live in the age of information abundance, there are lots of data, lots of information, lots of smarts, lots of ability, lots of attitudes, but very, very little wisdom. “How do we get wisdom”? It’s the century-old question, and obviously, nobody can provide a perfect answer. However, it doesn’t mean we couldn’t imagine, brainstorm, experiment, induct & deduct, explore, discover, and abstract wisdom from 'information-knowledge-intelligence-insight" pyramid. There is a wisdom formula we share at the end of the book, though it is not for making any conclusion, but for provoking further thought to capture true wisdom.

Knowledge is not wisdom, but it is a great foundation to build wisdom on it. Knowledge is just like any useful and resourceful information available with you in your brain instead of in the books, drive or some other forms; wisdom is the transformation of YOU into “A Real Yourself” for which your knowledge may help you, sometimes facilitate too, but you need to have an inner drive to demonstrate wisdom, which could be both logical or intuitive, practical or abstract, condensed or broad.

Knowledge is about what you know, but wisdom is about admitting knowing unknown and unknown unknown. Wisdom is learning what you don’t know and then sharing what you have learned. Know what you must know, know it well, and share your experience with others, and keep learning with an open mind and humble attitude.

Knowledge is the ‘power,’ wisdom is the exceptionally effective use of the power. Knowledge is not always proportional with wisdom, and being older won’t guarantee one getting wiser. Knowledge is input, and wisdom is the intelligence to make use of that input in the right manner. Knowledge is learned, and wisdom is earned. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. Knowledge could be outdated soon, but wisdom is timeless.

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