Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why is Creativity an Important Leadership Quality


Leadership is about future, direction, and change. What makes the difference between "good" and "great" leadership? Besides vision, intelligence (IQ & EQ), integrity, adaptability, etc., why is creativity becoming a more important leadership quality in the Digital Era?

The way a person lives with the authentic leadership style is ultimately a form of creative expression: Everyone is a leader in their own life, regardless of title; and life force itself is an expression of creation. Authentic leaders are creative people; creative people are leaders. Leadership effectiveness is how well an individual pairs their unique style with their goals, and pairs their goals with the organization. What creative people strive for is a means for true expression in form, that essence is true for leaders too. Leaders strive to be true to their intentions in much the same way as an artist tries to stay true to their subject. Each of us is not separate elite boxes; in other words, we are all creative leaders with numerous possibilities, because being a leader and being creative are not job titles, rather they are being human, the creature who can not only adapt to the change but also make advancement proactively.

Creative leadership is essentially anchored on the leader's overall multifaceted resourcefulness: That is, the multidimensional (including introspection) competencies to formulate creative, the unconventional alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show versatility and flexibility in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances. Great leaders are pioneers, innovators, and creators of a better context. Creativity becomes significantly important in the age with the advanced technologies because the leaders of the future will not be mere automatons, but continue to discover, explore, and improve the surroundings. Creative leadership is a unique combination of leadership behaviors that develops and achieves high-quality results over a sustained period of time and risk tolerance.

Creative leaders are critical thinkers looking at creative ideas and the possible application of those ideas: Critical thinking embedded with creativity is the connection between creative people and leaders. From a leadership perspective, cross-cultural and intercultural integration is about diversity and bringing new thoughts and ways of doing things into an organization. However, many organizations themselves are restricting diversity by simply selecting those people that reflect their current culture and norms. Where the focus needs to be is in how do they incorporate true diversity into the businesses in order to spark creativity, to foster a culture of open-mindedness, to the best of ability, and that may take time and effort. A leader leads by example, get your mind, your heart and hands involved. LEADERSHIP + CREATIVITY equals MANIFESTATION.

The authentic leaders have personal and unique styles that give people a sense of ownership towards life in general and their relationships in different areas in life. When a leader can activate his/her leadership, creativity comes; creativity is a need to create a new solution towards something that appears as a challenge towards the vision or goal, this unique leader will be creative to overcome obstacles and reach the vision effortlessly.


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