Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Monthly Change Management Agenda: Change as an Ongoing Capability Apr. 2016

At the Digital Era, change has to become an ongoing business capability.

Change is inevitable, but too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis, and demands. This is the bureaucracy’s way of meeting the challenges. The perspective is often rational, an automatic cultural response; defending already existing structures, all that we take for granted, without questioning the underlying premises. So in order to make change both proactive and sustainable, how to build change as ongoing business capabilities, not just a one-time business initiative?

Change as an Ongoing Capability

Five Insight of Organizational Change Management Capability: The speed of change is accelerated, enterprise agility –the ability to adapt to the change, is becoming the key factor in driving business success, and gaining the long-term competitive advantage. But how do you build an organizational change management capability?

How Capable is your Organization Handling Changes Change becomes fundamentally difficult in most organizations because it is treated as something distinct from running the business, evolving performance and increasing results over time? Leaders and employees are stressed enough in getting done what is right in front of them that change is layered upon becomes disruptive. However, the accelerating speed of change, the volatile and uncertain business environment make the change as an ongoing capability organizations must master, so in which aspects the business should focus on to building its change ‘muscles’?

Change as an Ongoing Capability: Change is a volatile subject, just like change itself. Everything changes continuously by following the laws of evolution, and the rate of change is accelerated. Corporate change can be a simple modification of strategy, a business process improvement or a more radical digital transformation. Either at the individual or organizational level, at the more static industrial era, change is a one-time project; at the Digital Era, change has to become an ongoing capability.

How to Build Change Capability within an Organization Change is the most significant characteristic of digitalization, the pace of change is accelerating. Therefore, organization’s change capability is crucial for its surviving and thriving today, but how to build such capability within an organization?

How Coherent are your IT Enabled Digital Capabilities? IT plays a pivotal role in leading digital transformation at many forward-thinking organizations today, and IT strategy is an integral component of the corporate level digital strategy. A digital strategy has a purpose of driving customer engagement and experience as a cross-functional responsibility. Thus, the digital strategy needs to look outward with outside-in customer perspective; but the issue is that most IT departments look inward. So how effective does IT enable the business growth, and how coherent are your IT enabled digital capabilities?

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