Sunday, December 25, 2016

The New Book “100 Creativity Ingredients” Introduction Chapter 1: Intellectual Ingredients

Creativity is the high level of thinking.

Creativity is not a “thing,” it’s a process that happens as a proactive mental activity to a problem. The nature of consciousness is important in creativity. Creativity is the high level of thinking, and thinking is probably one of the most difficult things for human beings, the thinking capability well defines the difference between humans and other creatures; and the level of thinking may also well reflect who we are.

Out-of-the-box thinking: Out-of-the-box-thinking or thinking outside of the box is the metaphor that means to think unconventionally. It means to break down some outdated rules and let the creative mind run free for a while. The box is usually a mental construct made up of personal or environmental components that one operates within; so thinking outside “the box” means doing something outside of the confines of the construct, in a new and innovative way. Thinking outside of the box means you are in a continuous learning mode and have the courage to step into the unfamiliar territory. Because great things don’t happen inside the comfort zone, so we all should broaden our point of interest and try new things to extend our thinking box.

Growth Mind: Growth mind is the progress thinking for making continuous improvement. To be innovative requires a growth mindset, which is a willingness to “not know,” and be able to source possibilities in the emergence space, to be curious and receptive to improvisation and experimentation, and allow failing, from letting go of the current reality to allowing an unknown future state to emerge. Creativity requires openness to new experiences or opening your eyes to see old things in a new and different way, with the growth mind to explore new possibilities. Creativity starts with a knowledge base, and then openness to new experience or detecting things you didn’t know or applying knowledge from other domains to a new one, it results in creativity.

Nonlinear Thinking: In the real physical world, most relationships are nonlinear; Most things have limits to their scale; network connections grow non-linearly with nodes etc. Nature is nonlinear, nonlinear thinking is an out-of-the-box thinking process for solving problems in a creative way. One characteristic of nonlinear systems is that small changes can have large impacts. A small error, inconsistency or change in a system specification can totally ruin its performance. Similarly, achieving the desired impact can sometimes be as the result of a very small initiative or decision. That means if you pick the right thing to alter, you can sometimes achieve enormous outcomes at little or no expenditure of effort on your part, that is the creative magic of nonlinear thinking, but surely this approach requires great insights and knowledge.

Creativity is the high-level thinking; creativity is as much defined by the problem as by the capacity of the individual to connect things to resolve that problem in new and sometimes unexpected ways. Once we state to formulate an idea, it can lead us to make connections with other experiences we have had in our lives until we finally have an accomplishment we are satisfied with.


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