Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Monthly “Dot Connections” to Celebrate Holidays Dec. 2016

Digital is the age of creativity and innovation, and creativity is all about connecting the dots.

The effects of an increasingly digitalized world are now reaching into every corner of businesses and every aspect of organizations. Digital is the age of creativity and innovation, take a break in the holidays to recharge your energy, and boost creativity via connecting dots and spreading the wisdom.

  Connecting the Dots to Celebrate Holidays

Creativity vs. Innovation : Creativity is infused with an inner cohesion and comes from a vision of uniqueness. Creativity needs a problem, and a creative person needs a purpose; Innovation is to reinvent business, but not to reinvent the wheels. Innovation is about reinventing the business direction and purpose at any time. It defines strategy, profitability and relevance at any given time. If you do not, you become commoditized and just like so many others who offer the same product or service. Innovation allows one to stand out and above the rest.
Knowledge vs. Imagination Perhaps it is another chicken and the egg debate: Knowledge vs. Imagination, which one is more important? There is no imagination without knowledge, and there is no knowledge without imagination. Putting information in a human memory is not similar to data storage, as you have to sort through,  transform it into the knowledge, and abstract the insight or recreate the new knowledge at the advanced level.
Motivation vs. Inspiration Motivation and inspiration both are feeling encoded. You don't get motivated or inspired without feeling it, as their validity is on the perception of individuality. But, what's the difference between motivating and inspiring? And between feeling motivated and feeling inspired?.
Perception vs. Personality  Our perceptions (the way we think and how we express the thought) and our personalities (the character and attitudes, actions and reactions, etc) come from our exposure to the many variables and combinations of variables in a given environment. Is our perception based on the cognition, or the way of our thinking creates the unique personalities?
Knowledge vs. Wisdom: Knowledge is just like any useful, resourceful information available with you in your brain instead of in the books, pen, drive or some other form….acquired formally, informally, generally etc. Wisdom is the transformation of YOU into “A REAL YOURSELF” for which your knowledge may help you sometimes facilitates too, but you need to have an inner drive to demonstrate wisdom.
The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached 1.6 million page views with about #3300th blog posting in 59+ different categories of leadership, management, strategy, digitalization, change/talent, etc. The content richness is not for its own sake, but to convey the vision and share the wisdom. Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking and innovating the new ideas; it’s not just about WHAT to say, but about WHY to say, and HOW to say it. It reflects the color and shade of your thought patterns, and it indicates the peaks and curves of your thinking waves. Unlike pure entertainment, quality and professional content takes time for digesting, contemplation and engaging, and therefore, it takes time to attract the "hungry minds" and the "deep souls." It’s the journey to amplify diverse voices and deepen digital footprints, and it's the way to harness your innovative spirit.


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