Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Thoughts, Quotes, and Poems to Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas!

It’s the Christmas Eve, and it’s the holiday week, it’s not just the time for shopping or relaxing, but also the time to recharging and reflection. It is not just the time to gain a few pounds but also doing more PONDERING. Here is the set of thoughts, quotes, and poems to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

The Inspirational Quotes: A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open." - Frank Zappa Words are powerful. They have the ability to inspire, motivate, and persuade or discourage, dismiss, and dissuade. In the workplace, a positive collaborative mindset can mean the difference according to me believe in teamwork.

The Spirit of Christmas Carol It is the holiday season and it is the Christmas Eve, even though we honor and celebrate the holidays in different ways, there are common threads to make best wishes; peace on earth, human progress, the abundance of wisdom, equal opportunity, empathy and more...  Charles Dickens wrote a novella, "A Christmas Carol," that we probably all have read at least once always worth reading again, is it time to revisit the spirit of Christmas Carol at Christmas Eve?

Three Perspectives of Human Wisdom? There are lots of smarts, lots of ability, and lots of attitudes - very, very little wisdom. "But how do I get wisdom?" You ask. People have asked that for millennia. You've been hearing the answer for millennia, too - you just flatly refuse to acknowledge it. What wisdom does humanity need to develop in the present day situations? Is there something we can do as common people or individuals of a society? How to gain human wisdom anyway?

Merry Christmas with Poetic Wisdom: Christmas Eve may not always see the stars, but poem goes down the page like shooting star; Christmas Day may not always be covered by snow white, but the thought can dance like snowflake; Christmas Day may not always be full of joy; but your heart shall fill with sunshine; Christmas Day may not always be so poetic, but we can always enjoy some great poems.

Free Your Mind: Free = without limits; Mind = Individual Consciousness. A free mind is like the cloud, flowing over; like a river, running forward; like a seed, sprouting up; like a butterfly, dancing around; like seasons of change, with shape and shapeless; visible and invisible; color and colorless; tangible and intangible, nature and nurtured. ?

The spirit of holidays is the state of mind: being thoughtful, peaceful, playful, colorful; and grateful; and it’s the time to refresh your mind and recharge your energy.