Monday, December 12, 2016

How to Unlock the People’s Creative Potential

Creativity seems to be the free flow of life force energy and it is a wellspring we can learn to tap.

In recent years, creativity has become a very highly valued skill, and many think it is the #1 wanted professional capability in the digital era. Creativity is innate with many special ingredients; and creativity can be developed if the conditions are right and there is love, inspiration, encouragement, and permission, Creative people combine existing possibilities to reach more often unexpected solutions. Creativity can be abundant. Creativity is a long-term endeavor. It must be unlocked to maximize its potential.

Creativity is an individual activity. It is, by nature, unique to each person: The angle from which you view it determines how you identify and categorize the similarities and differences among the many faces of creativity. There is no template that you can apply and suddenly you become creative. It must be done slowly, patiently, and individually. So, every person has the ability to be creative, just tearing down the mental barriers they have and tapping on their inherent abilities.

Creativity is the high level of thinking with the multitude of thought processes: What matters now is creativity. Creativity isn't far off, it's usually right under your noses, you need to master the variety of thinking capabilities, and clarify thought processes so that creativity can give their best, and a creative professional would be able to fully in accordance with their own aptitudes and aspirations. Some say creativity is not different 'types' - it is a spectrum. Creativity is like a color spectrum. There are commonalities that are relevant to all colors which reflect the spectrum of light. Such a metaphor connects the dot back to the nature of creativity.

Creativity is an essential building block for innovation in business: Creativity is a function of imagination, knowledge, psychology, activities, and evaluation. However, besides those ingredients, the most important element is the attitude put to increase the chance of generating creative ideas. One of the aspects of creativity is the environment where individuals or groups need to generate creative results regularly and frequently, with the pressure of time. So how to involve all people in creative thinking and actions? And how can you help improve the harvest of the creative seed?
-Encourage curiosity and growth mindsets.
- Create a risk-tolerance environment for experimenting and learning from failure.
- Provide intellectual challenge to stimulate thinking and help people grow, and develop creativity.
-Foster integrity, trust, and transparency encourage dissent and candor to nurture the culture of creativity.
-Make people feel more comfortable with the digital new normal - chaos, uncertainty, and ambiguity.
-Create an environment that allows time for play and exploring.
- Establish clear, shared goals.

The people who helped to shape our world are some of the broadest and innovative thinkers. Creativity seems to be the free flow of life force energy and it is a wellspring we can learn to tap. Creative people are inspired to think and work nearly every day on creating, they are not waiting for such “Aha” moment, but proactively stimulate the new energy with the fountain of creativity. Practice, practice, and practice more, creativity could become a healthy habit.


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