Friday, January 13, 2017

CIOs as “Chief Inquisitive Officer: A set of Q&As (VIII) for IT Performance Management

The digital CIOs need to reimagine IT as the business growth engine and lead changes via inquiries.

Modern CIOs face many challenges, it is not sufficient to only keep the lights on. Regardless of which industry or the nature of organization you are in, being a digital leader will need to master the art of creating unique, differentiating value from piles of commoditized technologies and take advantage of the emergent digital trend as well; digital CIOs also have multiple personas, “Chief Innovation Officer,” “Chief Insight Officer,” “Chief Improvement Officer,” “Chief Information Officer,” and here, we discuss CIOs as “Chief Inquisitive Officer,” with a set of Q&As to lead digital transformation.

How to Improve IT Performance via Objective Assessment Many IT organizations are at the inflection point for digital transformation, they are also reinventing themselves from a cost center to a value-added business partner, and continue to improve IT efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. Therefore, making an objective IT assessment helps IT management to diagnose the early signal for dysfunctional IT, as well as help to take a critical look at IT strength and weakness, in order to move up its overall maturity.

Does IT Need A Dashboard to Show Value to the Organization? As internal IT faces competition for the first time from end users with their own devices and App Store solutions and cloud providers that are trumpeting “better” economics and faster time to value, one has to ask the question, “how IT “markets” its activities and benefits to the organization it serves?“How is IT showcasing the value it brings?”

Which Logical Steps shall you take for IT Performance Improvement?When you think of “IT performance,” what comes to mind? Operational excellence such as IT effectiveness or efficiency, or strategic value such as competitive advantage, leadership competency, culture agility or customer satisfaction? What is your understanding about IT performance measurement? Is it an economic measure, or competitive measure or other perceptive values? How are you monitoring quantifying IT department value in your organization? And what are the logical steps for IT performance improvement?  

The KPI Promises & Pitfalls? You can only manage what you measure, defining the right set of Key Performance Indicators is important for managing project or business effectively and measuring KPIs to keep track of progress makes a certain level of promise for success.  However, there are also big pitfalls when selecting or measuring the wrong KPIs. What is a good process to determine the right KPIs, and what is the process to change it when they are no longer relevant?

What’s the First Step in Building a Great Performance Dashboard A performance dashboard is a useful tool to improve management effectiveness and efficiency. But what’s the simple first step enables you to implement useful Performance Dashboards, that ‘ideally’ from day one delivers high-quality performance management information?

The digital CIOs need to reimagine IT as the business growth engine and lead changes via inquiries. They need to keep asking open-ended questions such as, "Why? Why not? What If?" They have to focus on guiding the company through the digital transformation, and create unique business value because IT is the significant element of any differentiated business capability and the defining factor for competitive advantage.


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