Sunday, January 8, 2017

The “CIO Master” Monthly Book Tuning: Running a Multifaceted Digital IT Jan. 2017

Digital IT needs to become more dynamic and innovative to be a pathfinder for the digital transformation.
Modern CIOs have many personas and face great challenges. It is not sufficient to only keep the light on. Regardless of which industry or the nature of organization you are in, being a digital leader will need to master the art of creating unique, differentiating value from piles of commoditized technologies, but more specifically, what are the digital-savvy CIOs doing to run IT as a business growth engine and digital transformer? Here is the monthly “CIO Master” Book Tuning.

      Running a Multifaceted Digital IT  2017

  • Five dimensions of IT Digital Transformation Modern IT organizations play a critical role in driving the digital transformation of the entire company. The CIO has to look forward and actively position the business in the right place to take full advantage of opportunities and emergent digital technology trends. DRIVING is not a passive activity. The role of modern CIO is to identify and blend the processes and practices that information and technology can assist and shape the business by linking all digital aspects together to enforce the value creation and drive digital transformation from multidimensional perspectives.

  • Does IT Work in the System or on the System to Drive Digital Transformation: Information and technology catalyze today's digital businesses, either disrupt or being disrupted. IT is at an inflection point to lead the organizational level digital transformation. Nowadays, IT can no longer run in the silo, IT is the business. Because information brings about business ideas; business ideas generate lots of information. Information Systems are the backbone and provide valuable information for key decision making and problems solving, And IT needs to contribute to the business growth, innovation, and customer experience optimization. So in order to drive digital transformation, should your IT organization work in the system or on the system to unleash the full digital potential and improve the organizational maturity?

  • The Multitude of IT focus at the Era of Digital Renaissance? Digital transformation represents a break with the past, with a high level of impact and complexity. Transformation efforts need to be undertaken as the means of getting to a defined different capability to accomplish a set of defined business goals. IT plays a critical role in catalyzing the digital shift because IT is a business integrator and capability builder of the organization. At the digital age, CIOs need to play multiple roles, to run IT with the multitude of focus at the era of digital renaissance.

  • The Perception, Profit, and Partnership of Digital IT: Digital means flow - data flow, information flow, and mind flow. Digital organizations have to adapt to the continuous changes and business dynamic in striving to become digital masters. Digital transformation is a natural process and rather effortless to maintain, The bottom line is how well the organization is being influenced by varying business factors such as communication, structure, management methodology or approach. IT transformation is an integrated part of the digital transformation of the business. IT transformation is on the horizon when it is designed to change, from a static support function to an innovative growth engine.

  • Running Digital IT to Harness Business Competency? At the dawn of the digital era, innovation threatens to tear down legacy systems and practices just as it generates new opportunities, IT organizations are nonetheless resistant to change. It's natural to fear the unknown, question the unproven, be skeptical of the latest digital trends and be paradoxical about digital disruptions. However, change is inevitable, in fact, forward-looking businesses are empowering their IT organization to drive changes and lead the digital transformation. The new IT rulebook isn't for the faint of heart. CIOs need to rise above the status quo and take on a new set of activities that have them involved in the strategy development process from the get-go. Because running digital IT to enforce the strategic focus and harness business competency requires thinking beyond, altering or changing the frame of reference to create previously unconsidered solutions, and make a shift from inside-out operation-driven to outside-in customer-focused.

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