Monday, January 2, 2017

Kicking Start the New Year with Digital Fitness

The digital fit starts with mind fit - breaking the negative thinking pattern, and keeping the positive energy flow.

It is another new year ahead of us, and it is the time to recharge the energy, open the new chapter of learning, growing and innovating; do the reflection, make the resolution and kick start the New Year with digital fitness.

The digital fit starts with mind fit - breaking the negative thinking pattern, and keeping the positive energy flow: The digital fitness is based on both how you think and what you are doing. Generally speaking, a “digital fit” person with a growth mind is self-motivated, self-directed, self-inspired, purposeful, and creative., etc. With a growth mind, you are curious, creative, and courageous to try new things, discover your strength and unleash your potential; with a growth mind, you are positive and keep focusing on absorbing new knowledge and building professional capabilities; with a growth mind, you become more authentic, audacious and adaptive to embrace unknown and changes. Digital professionals with a growth mind can step out of their own comfort zone easily, walk the talk and lead change confidently. Digital professionals with a growth mind today can build an enriched digital portfolio via reinventing themselves, continuous building new skills and competency, seeking unconventional wisdom, developing and doing the next “digital fitness” practices, etc. These all are great new year resolution.

The digit fit is about “fitting for changes”: In the business context, the right people are the ones who possess the forward-thinking mind with knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors necessary to move your business in the direction it needs to go; to help realize the vision and values of the organization, they are fit for changes, and keep innovating and transforming the business for the long-term prosperity. The goal of a great organization is to set the principles to define the great “digital fitness,” and put the right people in the right position with the right capabilities to solve the right problems. To put briefly, “people engagement” blended with the business "context-fit" makes the people "fit.” Organizational fit from conventional lenses makes relationships easy and perpetuates the status quo, and it could create change inertia and lose competency for the long run. The digital fitting businesses should encourage people to think differently, empower change agents and inspire growth mindset; they can well align the individual’s careers goals with the overall business goals, and accelerate the pace of the digital transformation.

The digit fit is about making the leap of creativity: As businesses today get more cut-throat in the hyper-connected working environment, this puts stress on the workforce that is not conducive to more creative and experimental thinking. Creativity starts with a learning attitude and feel comfortable to step out of the comfort zone; shape a bigger box of thinking by making connections between different boxes; truly manage your emotion in a positive and constructive way; look at what other people have in their boxes; it’s not about copying others’ ideas, but having the learning agility to build your own set of capabilities, including creativity based on your own strength, and solve problems creatively. From the business management perspective, you need to build a creative working environment which can provide intellectual challenges and help people grow and make the progress; apply and recognize their ideas with appreciation; at the digital fit working place, people enjoy learning and experimenting, expand knowledge and share insight. Such organizations can make a big leap of the collective creativity, unleash the full digital potential, and move their businesses to the high-level of maturity.

The whole New Year stands in front of us, embrace the unknown and manage time wisely. Make it an impressive chapter of the digital journey. Keep fit, start at the mindset level, make the new year resolution rolling into the reality.


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