Thursday, January 18, 2018

The New Book “12 CIO Personas” Quote Collection III

This book “12 CIO Personas: The Digital CIO’s Situational Leadership Practices” is the extensive brainstorming and logical content expansion of my book “CIO Master: Unleash the Digital Potential of IT,” to reimagine and reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.

46 CIOs are fluent in both business language and IT terminology to sure the seamless cross-functional communication without “lost in translation.”

47 The top leaders such as CIOs have to be fluent in both business and IT dialogues, and switch them back and forth without “lost in translation.”

48 The CIO needs to be an enterprise polyglot, to master both business language and IT terminology, and beyond.

49 IT leaders need to build the leadership capability, not only communicate, but connect, inspire, and motivate.

50 Communication, collaboration, and creativity are the keys to run IT as a better business partner.

51 The CIO as “Chief Interpretation Officer” is the new digital leadership perspective of harnessing communication and people-centricity for accelerating digital transformation.

52 A bridge-like CIO has the mind to think via the multidimensional lens; has the gut to innovate fearlessly; has the strategy to lead wisely and has the skill to move progressively.

53 Great CIOs are great storytellers, envision and communicate a full-fledged, people-centric digital transformation.

54 Only by putting all fresh views out there to provoke “diversity of thought,” can IT possibly enact or act as a catalyst for change.

55 The quality check of IT management is to ensure IT is the enabler and even a game-changer of the digital transformation.

56 The quality of your life is given via the quality of thinking you have done.

57 The most important thing is that you need to define the quality as leadership and quality as management.

58 The most important thing is that you need to define quality as management and quality as leadership.

59 IT management quality check-up is important for improving IT and the entire business performance and maturity.

60 Quality management ensures that an organization, product, or service is consistent, effective, and meet customers’ expectation.

61 Software quality begins with the quality of the requirements.

62 There is quality data, but there’s no “perfect” data in “Big Data” world.

63 Take a hard look at IT from a different angle is critical to ensure IT management is steering in the right decision.

64 Modern CIOs as “Chief Interaction Officers,” can master how to well manage different dimensions of relationship to improve leadership effectiveness.

65 CIOs need to communicate effectively via tailoring different audiences.

66 CIOs should be at the table helping the board and executive colleagues maximize ROI and competitive advantage.

67 Modern CIOs are “Chief Interaction Officer,” to envision, communicate, connect, and innovate.

68 CIOs need to be IT evangelists, learn to sell and speak business, but it's a two-way street.


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