Tuesday, January 2, 2018

To Celebrate New Year- The Most Popular Blog List 2017 of the “Future of CIO”

It is the time to celebrate the New Year, deepening digital understanding and advocate change and innovation.

The New Year is here. New Year day is the time to reflect and renew, recharge and resolute. Look back, what did we accomplish for the passing year? Look forward- how to make the NEW YEAR more fulfilling? Here is a set of the most popular blogs of the “Future of CIO” in 2017 to celebrate the New Year Day!

Five Critical Components in IT Innovation Management Playbook: Innovation is about having new knowledge and new processes. Innovation is about too much knowledge in terms of too many good creative ideas and too little available resources. Innovation is about prioritization, a system that can “smell” the right idea at the right time and place. Innovation means something new and valuable. Innovation is relative and has context. And innovation is a critical component of business strategy, Often technology is a disruptive force to changes, and information provides the dots to spark innovation. So how to leverage IT to enable creative leaps and manage business innovation more effectively?

The “Digitizing Boardroom - The Multidimensional Aspects of Digital Ready Boards ” Book Chapter 8 A Culture Savvy Board Introduction: Organizations large or small are on the journey of digital transformation, strategy making is important, strategy implementation is challenging, and one of the most critical business success factors is organizational culture, which is invisible, but powerful to fail a good strategy. In order to drive a successful digital transformation, how can BoDs set the digital tones in building “Digital-Ready” cultures, and how can they fine-tune policies for building high-innovative and high engaging digital workforce, and encouraging digital professionals to bring wisdom to the workplace?

Is Digital Transformation Everyone’s “Cup of Tea”? Digital transformation is a leapfrogging business change. Business will be more successful when they realize that one of their greatest strengths will be their people. One of the biggest challenges facing companies all over the globe is how to create a changing momentum, build and sustain the business competency, thrive with talent abundance, and make collective human progress. Organizations need to set good policies, enforce broad collaborations and encourage positive competitions. Digital leaders should continue to ask themselves: Do we have a clear vision and a comprehensive roadmap for leading digital transformation? Are we taking a systematic approach to lead forward? Is the organizational hierarchical structure flexible enough to adapt to changes? Do people have the growth mindset to ride above the learning curve? Is digital transformation everyone’s “Cup of Tea”?

CIOs as “Chief Improvement Officer”: UPLIFT IT from the “Comfort Zone”: Traditional IT organizations often run in a reactive, "keeping the lights on" mode. To adapt to the increasing speed of changes, IT organizations have to be more nimble about updating technology and managing information effectively. More and more forward-looking companies across the industries empower their IT organization to drive changes and lead the digital transformation. Thus, IT organizations today can no longer just keep “we always do things like that” mentality, and get stuck at the lower level of maturity. But in practice, how to uplift IT from the comfort zone, and how to run IT from a support center only to the business partner and growth engine?

To Celebrate 3800th Blog Posting: Blog the Way to Step into the Deep Digital New Normal: Leadership is an influence and a practice, there is no magic recipe otherwise. Good leaders are continually practicing, experiencing, learning, adjusting, and they understand that ultimate mastery of leadership does not exist. The future leaders should think that every minute of their time counts. There is no time to waste. The path to mastery is something that unfolds day by day. It is the time to celebrate the New Year, deepening digital understanding and advocate change and innovation.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” -Albert Einstein


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