Sunday, January 7, 2018

Three Aspects to Build an Ultra-Modern Digital Organization

Advanced mindset, differentiated competencies, and superior culture are all success factors in building an ultra-modern digital organization.

The digital paradigm shift means radical change and leapfrog progress. It represents the next stage of business maturity which will improve how the enterprise works and interacts with its ecosystem, with its people, and fine-tune innovation as its major theme. The goal is to build an ultra-modern digital organization that has both clear digital vision and well-crafted digital strategy, accelerate business performance and maximize business potential via a systematic approach.

Reinforce ultra-modern digital mindsets: Running an advanced digital organization starts with a set of ultra-modern digital thinking. We live in the digital era which represents the rapid change, it requires that we move from mindset to mind flow, from fixed mind to growth mind; from thinking conventionally and convenience to thinking consequence, forward and longer-term. To expedite digitalization, it’s important to leverage growth mindset -either individually or collectively, believe they can continue to learn and develop the abilities for adapting to changes. On the opposite, the fixed and rigid mind usually won’t allow a person to think beyond a point and get stuck in the middle of changes. In fact, the mindset is everything. Mindset is the most valuable thing to shape every progress, but also the root cause of all mankind problems. The great digital leaders and professionals are equipped with multidimensional thinking with high quality thought processes. They can think positively because fundamentally, positive thinking is the driving factors to lead progress either individually or collectively. They can expand their thinking boxes, to connect wider dots and enforce creativity. Creativity is the most needed quality in the digital age. Creativity is high-level thinking because it imposes the higher cognitive load as you think harder and consciously leverage different thought processes and thinking tools such as association, perspective-shifting or opposites, etc. Developing ultra-modern thinking is very hard work and does include a lot of deep thinking, observation, inquiries, unusual connections, experimenting, skills, abilities. Digital Masters keep practicing progressive thinking in a collective setting which can sustain a balance of diversified viewpoints, forward thinking, creativity, empathetic understanding, discipline; opportunities and risk; individualism and teamwork, democracy and unification; science and art, and intuition to reinforce digital thinking.

Build differentiated business competency: Besides advanced thinking, developing a unique set of core business competencies is a strategic imperative to build an ultra-modern digital organization. Competency is a combination of capabilities with a focus. Core Competencies are those that are well institutionalized in the organization and have been demonstrated by it in many instances or across multiple businesses. Each of these same capabilities may be combined in different fashions to yield multiple competencies, they are unique, not easy to replicate, differentiate digital leaders from laggards. These unique business competencies are composed of the variety of hard and soft business elements such as skills (ability), knowledge (internal/external), policies/routines, business processes, any type of tangible/intangible resources, assets, cultures, and forms of communications. Most of the enterprise capabilities need to be woven cross-functionally and dynamically. It takes empathetic communications and collaborations to bridge functional silos and fine-tune key business processes to build business competencies with the much shorter development cycle and the seamless integration.

Empower innovators and change agents: How fast the business can ride the learning curve and how progressive the business can move depends on their forward-thinking leaders and talented employees. To build an ultra-modern digital organization, it’s critical to empower your change agents and recognize and inspire your innovators. Without them, organizations can only keep spinning without truly making any collective progress. It is also important to cultivate a culture of learning to manifest creativity in the workplace. Organizations today need to constantly improve the business and seeing change as an opportunity while keeping a holistic overview of the business are the core messages of the text. Innovators can see the old or emergent problems from every direction and discover different solutions. They see possibility in the world when most people only see the way that they have been told. Change agents have courage, capabilities, and resilience to self-drive and drive others for making progress relentlessly. Innovation is the teamwork, the ability to work across disciplines will emerge as a key skill for the workforces to mix different strengths and complementary skills for developing innovation capability and capacity of the business, and building an ultra-modern digital business. Innovation needs to lay out different structures, thinking, and solutions to allow developing into its potential where organizations are combining all that is available to them in imaginative and advantageous ways.

Consider digital organization as the self-organized but interlaced environments, and humans are vehicles of natural and cultural solutions. Advanced mindset, differentiated competencies, and superior culture are all success factors in building an ultra-modern digital organization.


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