Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The New Book “12 CIO Personas” Introduction: Chapter VII The CIO as “Chief Inspection Officer”

The quality check of IT management is to ensure IT is the enabler and even a game-changer of the digitalization.

IT plays a significant role in digitalization, as more often technology is a major digital disruptor and information is the lifeblood of the digital organization. The purpose of digitalization is to embed digital technology into key business processes, to improve the business capability and compete for the future. CIOs as “Chief Inspection Officer,” should do the periodic IT management quality check to ensure its effectiveness, efficiency, performance, and maturity.

Identify business quality gaps: Quality is defined by a number of factors, such as performance, manageability, operability, reusability, reliability, availability, etc. Quality is not just the specific task of one single business department or function; it is one of the management disciplines which need to be taken in a systematic way. The quality gaps are varying, where there are ineffectiveness and inefficiency in business management, there are quality gaps existing. Quality = Effectiveness + Efficiency. Generally, you have to have effectiveness first, and then make the effect more efficient. Efficiency is to do what is effective, achieve high productivity and customer satisfaction with less operating cost. How quality is defined and measured is crucial. It’s about putting profound knowledge, processes, and tools actually used into actions and delivered it. It’s important to identify business quality gaps to improve business management. And it’s important that you need to define quality as management and quality as leadership. There are dozens of specific management functions and management wheels in any organization. Quality management needs to be embedded in all of them to ensure building a high-quality business.

 Improve IT and the entire business performance and maturity: IT management quality check-up is important for improving IT and the entire business performance and maturity. IT management quality directly impacts the entire business’s competence and resilience, surviving and thriving capability. Hence, CIOs should do the periodic IT management quality check which includes making an objective assessment of IT effectiveness, efficiency, speed, scalability, flexibility, etc, to ensure its performance and maturity. IT management quality begins with the quality of the business requirement. IT is the business in the business. IT quality check starts with WHY, to ensure doing the right thing before jumping into HOW. There’s the difference between business requirements and IT requirements, IT needs to take the traceability path of where the requirement comes from, IT has to oversee the full set of the business requirements to ensure the cohesiveness and to determine all customers, users, and stakeholders and obtain their involvement. IT management quality check also includes how to assess responsiveness-how IT meets the needs of the business and doesn’t waste time, evaluate IT system maintainability and cost. IT management quality check-up is important for improving IT performance and maturity.

The quality of data and information management: Information Management quality means quality data, quality management, and quality measurement. Information quality doesn’t end with managing the incorrect entry of information, but the logic of data has to be taken into account as well. Poor information management implies not understanding what raw material they have to play with, or poor measurement-not applying worthwhile evaluation to it to reveal the inherent value, you can walk through all the various dimensions of information quality, but business context is indeed a very important perspective. Information is an invaluable asset when you manipulate the raw material in a meaningful way, which give you business insight to interpret and utilize, and then you have established a value of information management.

Quality is defined by a number of factors, and to effectively lead an organization into good practices to focus on quality attributes takes work and a level of credibility within the organization. The quality check of IT management is to ensure IT is the enabler and even a game-changer of the digital transformation.


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