Sunday, September 30, 2018

The New Book “The Change Agent CIO” Introduction Chapter 3 The Digital IT Change Agenda

Crafting an IT change agenda is important to ensure that IT is strategically positioned to be ahead of where the business is moving next.

With change as the new normal happening at a faster pace and high velocity, IT faces an unprecedented opportunity to refine its reputation, also needs to take more responsibility as a true business partner. Change is a dance between the top management and the affected parts of the organization, the CIO needs to take the logical scenario to gain change curve awareness, proactively participate in business conversations and get the IT change agenda ready.

IT change planning: Change planning is about stakeholder engagement and how to achieve stakeholders’ ownership of the emerging strategy, plans, and roadmap. Change objectives must be well defined, understood, and accepted through dynamic planning. Well planned Change Management with the comprehensible understanding will greatly reduce and practically eliminate the fear of change that derails good or even great intentions, and have a better opportunity to achieve business expectations for change. In practice, planning fallacy is a business reality. With change as the new normal, perhaps plans are nothing, but planning is everything. The goal of dynamic planning is to keep iterating, learning, and working on a rhythm of sustained delivery and making continuous improvement. To make planning effective and practical, it’s important to get the bigger picture and be clear on what, who, when, and how to achieve business goals based on the financial value and available resources, and practice IT planning management through iterative communication, incremental goal implementation, and make a necessary delegation to implement plan collaboratively.

Take a framework approach: The successful businesses are the ones that have learned “WHEN” change is called for and how to decide “WHAT” to change. It’s a systematic effort. An effective Change Mangement framework helps organizational management navigate through changes by understanding and balancing all important business elements impacting change such as people, strategies, processes/procedures, and IT. Change cannot be just another thing that needs to be accomplished, it has to be woven into communication, process, and action of the organization. A fine-tuned Change Management framework with clear-defined stages, decision-making parameters, performance thresholds, metrics selections, combined with iterative learning and change processes, as well as the flexible organizational structure improve Change Mangement effectiveness and efficiency. It’s critical to discover the strategic and predictive pathway to change, leverage resources, increase confidence, and engage people, to drive change continually and systematically.

Drive people-centric Change Management: The digital era upon us is the age of people. People are often the very cause to change, and the purpose of change. Change Management is about mentoring the human side of the business through a profound and unsettling change, make the digital shift from process-driven to people-centric change management. Because change cannot be completely manipulated from top-down, it starts with the mindset and encourages positive behaviors. People-centric change methodology is evident reinforcement and proof of the “best practice” leadership and management. Once the employees feel fully invested in changes and they see upper management is fully invested in the change, and then, the likelihood of the change being made more smoothly exists. Transformation is the change but on a grand level, it needs to focus on coordination and facilitation, follow the right set of principles and take the best practices.

We are living in a complex world where inventions, developments, and conflicts are continuously changing and that makes it impossible to have the complete knowledge and understanding of many issues facing businesses today. Thus, it’s important to take the logical scenario, apply the right strategy and methodology. You have to ponder many big questions about changes, to ensure successful initiatives and capture the full intent of the change, in order to create the paradigm shift and lead digitalization effortlessly.

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