Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Monthly System Wisdom Summary: Are You a System Thinking Master

As a social construction, system thinking is positive because it helps understand the links between action, solution, and the different behaviors it might influence. 

Systems Thinking is about understanding interrelationships between parts and the whole. It helps digital leaders and professionals discover the interconnectivity and interdependence of the digital business ecosystem, help them get behind the "surface" validity and give them deeper insight into the nuances of why and how, and ensure that the digital business as an organic system growing and evolving with its environment in harmony.

Are You a System Thinking Master

Are You a System Thinking Master People are all a bundle of assumptions, a collection of cause-and-effect, and a limited ability to put all this together to create a sense of reality. We use our sense of reality to try to understand our world and solve the problems it presents us with, making decisions as to how to interact with our environment. This is adequate to deal with our everyday lives but quite inadequate to fully deal with the complexity of much of the dynamic world that surrounds us.

Digital Master Tuning #82: System Thinking vs. Complexity Management Systems Thinking is the way of thinking to understand holistically the interconnections and interdependencies between parts, and Complexity Management is the way to deal with them to steer the system in the desired direction.

A System Thinker’s Mind: Systems Thinking is thinking about how things interact with one another and get the insight of the whole. As a social construction, system thinking is positive because it helps understand the links between action, solution, and the different behaviors it might influence. By comparing different actions, solutions together give you a better understanding of the potential impact of each action and help to identify the one that will have a better chance of success overall.

How Much Systems Thinking will be a Strategic Skill for Managers or Leaders? Many organizations reach the inflection point to accelerate digital transformation, and they have gone well past the point at which traditional hierarchical and silo management approaches work. And it’s because the paradigm on which they are built is no longer fit for the complexity and hyperconnectivity of digital dynamic managers face.

How to Leverage Systems Thinking in Catching the True Wisdom Wisdom is often abstract, and System Thinking is the ability to think conceptually on a higher level. Systems Thinking is to understand the interconnectivity between parts and the whole. Wisdom is the insightful quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the inner quality of being wise. By practicing Systems Thinking, can contemporary leaders and workers have a better chance to grasp the true wisdom, not just “conventional wisdom”?...

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