Sunday, April 4, 2021

“Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creatively“: Interdisciplinarity

More often than not, solving a complex problem today is a multi-stepped process and a multi-stage solution that includes both problem resolution and solution implementation.

The purpose of Problem-Solving Master - Frame Problems Systematically and Solve Problems Creatively“ is to throw some light on how to understand, frame, and solve today’s multilayer, interdependent, and over-complex business problems effortlessly. 

Digital leaders and professionals should self-aware of their role in problems, show professional maturity, and develop a good reputation as the problem-solver.


Interdisciplinary Solutions

Interdisciplinary With unprecedented complexity and uncertainty, problem-solving today often has a very wide scope, methodologies, processes and practices will not be simple. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to peel back the layers to discover the root causes, and solve them in the right way. All stages must be handled with attention and proficiency to ensure long-term success. At the business scope, as resources and time are limited, it’s critical to develop..

Interdisciplinary Problem Prevention Preventing problems is superior to fixing problems for us to step into the future confidently, understand talent with empathy and change the world effortlessly.A "problem" is an opportunity waiting to happen. There are criteria that characterize good and bad statements of problems and opportunities. Any progressive change is technically a sort of opportunity management and problem-solving scenario.

Interdisciplinary ProblemSolving The problem-solving masters are artistic scientists who can use their logic and intuition fluently, to solve problems systematically. They are also scientific artists who can connect unusual dots, paint unique colors to figure out different ways to solve problems creatively.The digital world is dynamic, nonlinear, uncertain, and volatile, emergence becomes apparent, for adapting to changes. Technically, running a business is an iterative problem-solving..

Intrinsic problems & solutions Innovative problem-solvers enjoy understanding a variety of complexity, appreciate the interaction and interrelationship dynamic, guide people through it; find common ground and initiate dialogues, apply multifaceted logic to solve problems creatively. Business is complex with many moving parts, to deal with today’s multi-logical situation in digital dynamic requires multiple valid viewpoints.

Innovative and intelligent Problem-Solving More often than not, solving a complex problem today is a multi-stepped process and a multi-stage solution that includes both problem resolution and solution implementation. In the real world, due to hyper complexity and unprecedented uncertainty, problem-solving in the majority of organizations today is woefully inadequate, most people usually never question what is exactly the problem because "it's the way things should be."

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