Thursday, January 28, 2021

Intrinsic Logic behind Complex Problems

Innovative problem-solvers enjoy understanding a variety of complexity, appreciate the interaction and interrelationship dynamic, guide people through it; find common ground and initiate dialogues, apply multifaceted logic to solve problems creatively.

Business is complex with many moving parts, to deal with today’s multi-logical situation in digital dynamic requires multiple valid viewpoints, multidisciplinary approach, and multi-choice solutions. Digital leaders or professionals should understand the intrinsic logic - how likely the situation is likely to change or better information will become known. 

Critical Thinking is an effective tool to analyze and synthesize, creative thinking helps to figure out better solutions.

Diverse viewpoint: Large, complex problems are complex and multifaceted, it’s best to bring a group of people together with cognitive differences, different backgrounds, capabilities, or strengths etc, they do not have the same view of the small part of the world that the team is dealing with so that they can complement each other’s viewpoint to analyze the problem, go more convergent to really hone in on the "why." Once you figure out what the true problems are and are ready to ideate, that needs to leverage divergent thinking to explore the space (alternative, diverse ideas via open-ended and contextual inquiries.)

The more complex the situation is, the more different approaches are needed to reach for understanding. Cognitively, human thought is characterized by expansion in multiple directions, rather than in one direction, and based on the concept that there are multiple starting points from which one can apply logic to problem-solving. The whole effort of leveraging diverse viewpoints to connect dots for expanding thoughts cross-disciplinarily can make progress toward a deeper understanding, enforcing divergent thinking and convergent thinking and unpuzzling intrinsic-logic behind problems in order to come up with better problem-solving scenarios.

In the past, the share and spread of knowledge and skills could survive in isolation. However, in the hyperconnected and interdependent digital era, the faster the dissemination, the better the response. People bring different perspectives and the boundaries might have changed based on the open conversations and taking the time to thoughtfully think about the specific issue and common challenges from different angles. To break down silos and handle complex problems thoughtfully, digital leaders and professionals today need to be in a continuous learning mode with multidimensional thought processes, interdisciplinary knowledge, strategic reasoning skills, challenging existing thoughts, knowledge, or standards, seeking additional knowledge and experience, and apply interdisciplinary logic to overcome challenges.

Behind every problem is a relationship dynamic out of alignment, logic enables us to uncover patterns, understand the interconnectivity underneath the surface, and unpuzzle the myth behind intelligence. Interdisciplinary knowledge should lead us not only to understand, but also to predict; dig into the root cause, not just point out symptoms, in order to solve problems systematically. Today's digital leaders or professionals must have a humble attitude to keep learning, sharing, and coaching, and seek multidisciplinary knowledge. They are skeptical about conventional wisdom, so they examine everything before accepting it for the real truth,

Multithread-actions: Running business is a problem-solving continuum. Business leaders should have a solid grasp on what has been tried before and analyze why those initiatives didn’t succeed, what consequences can be created through actions, etc. Forward-thinking organizations cannot think in terms of single-thread serial actions alone nor can they give undue priority to areas that are covered by the tactical implementation of the strategy only. The multi-thread management involves aligning initiatives, talent, resources, and performance with the goals and objectives of seamless strategy management.

Sometimes things go smoothly, other times not so much. Without the inner balance of energies, one cannot achieve a perfect balance of emotions and logic in smooth problem solving. Organizations need to have objectivity; as you cannot assign work to people based on individual bias and prejudices, therefore, applying data-driven judgment skills, incorporates the multi-faceted aspects of the knowledge system, innovation, and intuitive behavior. Organizations and their people learn through their interactions with the environment. They plan, act, observe the consequences of their action, make inferences about those consequences, and draw implications for future action.

There is logic in all meaningful things, including complex problems. Innovative problem-solvers enjoy understanding a variety of complexity, appreciate the interaction and interrelationship dynamic, guide people through it; find common ground and initiate dialogues, apply multifaceted logic to solve problems creatively.


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