Sunday, May 10, 2015

Anti-Digital Mind: A Confusion Mind

A huge cause for confusion is cognitive dissonance.

Confusion means a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior. When the triggering events become overwhelming and are difficult to comprehend, it leads to confusion. Confusion essentially arises externally, but over a period of time may start getting generated internally. It should be kept in mind that whether the causes are external or internal, the effects are always internal and the affected parties can be both internal or external. A confusion mind will lead to poor judgement or bad decision. More specifically, what're the root causes of confusion, and how to clarify it?

A clouded mind would be a fuzzy state of thinking, where things may not be quite clear. By continuously being in charge of your own thoughts through directing your focus and using visualization, you can influence what programs the subconscious mind constantly runs. Do this often with enough emotional energy, then it will start to reprogram your unconscious internal representation and belief system. In such a case, focus may be required for clear thinking to emerge. although being doubtful is not always bad, it can be rectified too. Being aware by changing self into a questioning attitude. But if you don’t change doubting with preconceived notions, then you may become more and more vulnerable to negativity. So wisdom has to take place to clarify the doubt. Wisdom is the intelligent use of knowledge whereas sensibility is an intelligent use of judgment.

A huge cause for confusion is cognitive dissonance: It simply means the difference seen between what is preached and practiced. Confusion happens when we are not able to properly interpret the inputs we receive from the environment. Confusion consists of a soup with many ingredients. Some ingredients are. #1. Lack of awareness. #2. Lack of clarity in expression #3. Ego: The fact humans thinks they are superior being. #4. Overdoing or under doing any of the ingredients. Because each one chooses the meaning following their thought process; so do not just digest the words, but dig through the thought, the words are the symptom, but the thoughts are the root causes to many human problems.

The source of most of human confusion is organic in nature. In that, humans alone are equipped with two strong and opposite mental forces of instinct and intellect. The intellect portion of the mind stands for reasoning, human decency, what is right, just, fair and logical. The instinct comes from "gut," experience, heart feelings or "think fast." As these two mental forces fall into conflict, they pull people in opposite directions and people feel conflicted. Because most people believe what they like rather than what is right, self-deception sets in and confusion misleads us. All of these happen at subconscious level, and while people are subjected to it, they are not conscious of this subconscious mental trend. Only being trained on these subjects brings this to people’s attention, and they manage their mind instead of being managed by it. 

The opposite of confusion is clarity. The clarity of mind is when you thinks clearly. Clarity is a holistic mind, using multiple thinking processes by leveraging the whole brain, and express the concept or things in concise and insightful way. It takes wisdom to clear up the confusion in order to articulate the circumstances, make fair judgement and sound decisions.


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