Sunday, May 10, 2015

Five Traits in Digital Leadership

The vision as a leader is to raise consciousness, and unleash human potential.

Leadership is about future and changes, art and science, inspiration and motivation; innovation and progression. By choosing to lead, you must have a vision and intention for making that choice. What are the important traits in digital leadership, and how to weave all necessary factors in order to lead effectively?
Empowerment: Imagine empowering people around the world, inspiring integrated leadership, positive change and peace of mind today; creating a better quality of life and future for all. To create a true leader with holistic perception of leadership, the vision of leadership is to challenge, empower and motivate the people to reach their goals in life. This is sometimes in a formal setting or in an indirect manner, but always encouraging them to find the leadership traits hidden within their hearts.

Consciousness: The vision as a leader is to raise consciousness, and unleash potential of being a leader is being able to demonstrate that, real leadership is not about how much power one can wield, but how much "power" one can relinquish and still accomplish great things. Relinquishing power means trusting that your "followers" can accomplish much knowing that you are one of them and not necessarily above them and that the real interests are, hopefully, mutual and supporting of one another.

Character: Is your goal to be a leader or to accomplish something and in the process of organize and lead people to accomplish a shared goal? The authenticity of your vision and intention is reflected in your action, modeling, enabling, supporting, humble correction and guidance in furtherance of the goal are all components of leadership. The problem arises when sometimes the leaders win that they have become so adapted by the process, they are then unwilling or unable to do the difficult and controversial work to achieve their worthwhile goals. All too often people want to win more than they want to accomplish. This is why character and courage are so important to help one keep their eye on the goals; to view power only as a means to achieve and not an end in itself.

Influence: Leadership vision is being great by making positive influence, without affecting anyone in any negative way. Being a leader takes one to have a desire to do better than others in certain domains, practice thought leadership, while creating themselves a platform of influence in wherever they are. The future of leaders grow into a place where leadership is expected; or they are thrust into it-- an outside event gives them the opportunity; or they fill a vacuum and mind the gap: Just in an environment that lacks leadership or a big chasm needed to be bridged. So the vision and intention for becoming a leader is to bring the new perspectives, facilitate and encourage, as change is often an uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching and maintaining success.

Empathy: Digital is the age of empathy. Caution against human failings is in order. Everyone wants to be persuasive when advocating their position. One needs to speak the language of the audience in order to reach them. As the world moves into a hyper-connected and interdependent digital relationship age, empathy is the single defining quality that will distinguish great leaders from the rest, to go deeper, not louder; first understand, then be understood; first listen, then make a conversation; first envision, then communicate; first observe, then perceive; first learn to absorb knowledge, then capture insight, and gain wisdom.

So the first thing first, is not what do you do to become a leader, but what is your vision and intention. Highlight the desire and commitment to keep delivery, to achieve something, and to show character through actions. And it’s an ongoing journey for vision sharpening and capability building.


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