Thursday, May 7, 2015

To Celebrate #1800th Blog: Are you a Dynamic Leader to Embrace the Era of Digital Dynamism

 Dynamism consists in being able to break away from the static, being proactive.

Here comes the #1800th blog posting, there’re a lot of hard-working, dedication, patience, and persistence. The good news is that the more ideas you share, the more fresh views (perhaps like fresh air) come to you. You are not getting hit by the roadblock of brain drain, but experience the exuberance of brainstorming. It's the other kind of richness, with insight as digital currency; it’s the nature of the digital flow, and it is the beauty of digital dynamism. As a dynamic digital leader: are you prepared to embrace the era of digital dynamism?

Dynamism is to get out of the created mental boxes: Express yourself totally through whatever means. Stop creating boundaries, take long leaps, wide jumps, the challenge to live a life with the curious mind and discovering eyes, stretch your limitations. Our systems (either business, society or the earth) is a complex adaptive system. It is a nonlinear, dynamic and open system in a thermodynamic sense. Unlike closed equilibrium system, it hence spontaneously self-organizes; generate patterns, structures and complexity; and above all, create novelty over time. Life itself could be viewed as resulting in emergent means of reorganizing and refocusing resources to hunt for meanings and pursuing happiness. This human virtue of adaptation and evolution is being novel in finding solutions to the common problems facing in human races.

Dynamism consists in being able to break away from the static, being proactive. Nature is dynamic, life is dynamic...then why do we, as a human entity, like to be static? Can we remain static? By static what is the meaning.? Does it mean lack of enthusiasm? Life is not easy, there is indeed a lot of struggle, at every step. Yet, the struggle is what keeps us going. We should have faith in ourselves and great people who support us. That makes a lot of things possible. This requires us to come out of our comfort zone, but it helps enormously. When someone is really charged, they are referred to as a dynamo!!If nature is dynamic, we are also dynamic since we are part and parcel of nature. How can a part be static while the whole is dynamic?

Dynamism and enthusiasm are highly infective: Always have a passion for discovering new things, for probing in depth every subject we are interested in. We will come across new things. All get impregnated with enthusiasm. If you stick and restrict, you cannot be dynamic. You have to be open to change. People do not want to come out of our comfort zone because it requires additional efforts, and they are not very sure about its positive effects. More often, the logical mind makes a judgment, interprets, and analyzes, on what is wrong or right. This is the reason why we are far from our own self to listen to our own inner voice. What holds people back from being great is a constraint, fear of uncertainty or otherwise. Yet, if each one of us decides to make a difference, a lot can be achieved.

Dynamism has a nature balance: The universe is characterized by duality. One need to only think for a few moments and all around us, the examples of duality are apparent: good – bad, darkness – light, anode – cathode etc. There’s always an invisible third force which holds them in balance. The past and future, for example, are held in balance by “now.” Thus, rather than a two-dimensional continuum from positive – negative, existence depends upon relationships which are three-dimensional (triangular). The importance of this third force is to strike the right balance in the nature dynamism. It shall also guide our thinking, our action, and our collective perspectives.

Dynamism means free and progress: Nature is free, rivers flow, flowers bloom, the sun shines. They give freely, have no boundaries. They have freedom. Without this inner freedom, one cannot be in tune with the natural flow of life. This is the cause of negativity and limitations. People are different. There are people who argue for their limitations, and there are people who cast aside their fetters to explore and progress. But, we can survive only if we progress. And that progress comes by discovering more. The quest must never cease. We must push on for new hopes, and reach new horizons.

Nature is dynamic, life is dynamic, we are part of nature, we should be able to realize this connection. Thus, it is the power of a dynamic leader to ride above the change wave at the era of digital dynamism. Let all of us be the light, the change agent, the transformative force to make things move forward, not backward, and to build a dynamic, but progressive human society.


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