Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is Knowledge the Power

Knowledge is the ‘power’; wisdom is the exceptionally effective use of the power.

Knowledge is learned, it's in one’s mind. Knowledge is just like any resourceful information or useful tool, available with you in your brain instead of in the books, pen, drive or some other forms acquired formally, informally, generally etc. Is knowledge the power, as the saying told us?

Knowledge is rather a way to freedom. The more you know the lower probability you get manipulated. Power is useless unless you understand its purpose and how to wield it. Do you search for power for its own sake or to contribute to the greater good of those you would share this powerful knowledge with? If you can not translate the knowledge you possess to an audience in order to inspire them to action, you have failed to understand what you have learned.

Knowledge is the first step to power. Knowledge can, under the right circumstances, allow you to access power. Understanding can guide you in its safe use. Wisdom provides the moral and ethical framework or boundaries for the use of that power. If knowledge is power, then wisdom is understanding and the exceptionally effective use of the power. Knowledge by itself is nothing if you do not understand how to apply it and make it useful. Wisdom understands that the only power that knowledge possesses is if you can explain it to another in a way they will understand by making it relatable to them.

Power is in the choices we make. Knowledge informs us as to what choices are available. Understanding is the key to all doors. Wisdom tells you which doors to enter, and which ones NOT to enter. Paradoxically, Wisdom of Socrates said, that wisdom comes in knowing that you know nothing. To say that you know a thing is to state you know it in its totality. Everything exists in a constant state of change and knowledge of an evolving thing must evolve with the thing. The only thing anyone can truly know is themselves and even we grow and change every day.

The philosophical connection between knowledge and imagination: Knowledge is path-dependent. This means that to discover an opportunity, you should have previous knowledge in the field to be able to get recognized. Imagination is also needed to be able to apply this previous knowledge to the different context. Knowledge doesn't necessarily mean to be an expert in a field, but to have some experience on this. It is also true that if you have too much knowledge on a topic, you will bound by this knowledge, hampering being more imaginative about other things. While imagination helps us expand our idea, knowledge help us refine our idea to what is economically feasible.

Knowledge is the ‘power’; wisdom is the exceptionally effective use of the power. Knowledge is learned; wisdom is earned. Wisdom is the transformation of you into “A REAL YOURSELF” for which your knowledge may help you facilitate, but you need to have an inner drive to demonstrate wisdom.


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