Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Is the New Age of Digital Paradigm Associated with Deep Ecology

The paradigms are just like filters, the digital paradigm has many dimensions.

A definition for paradigms generally found is A worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular subject. A digital paradigm is an emerging digital ecosystem of principles, policies, and practices that set limits or boundaries; and also offer the guidance for problem-solving or creating something new under the digital rules. It is the transformation that is reshaping our thinking and recasting the way we view ourselves, the systems of which we are the part of the environments in which we live, and the way we view the world.

The paradigms are just like filters, the digital paradigm has many dimensions: Just as sunglasses do, they change the color of the reality that one perceives. Adopting a different paradigm is like changing the glasses and new possibilities might emerge. Those who look through the lens of the previous era see their own reality very differently from those who use the lens that the new era has crafted. These dimensions (the socio-cultural, the socio-technical, the socio-economic, the organizational, the scientific, the philosophical, the psychological, the artistic, etc) interact and mutually influence each other. This is one place where significant innovation can occur. To start and to expand the collaborative innovation process, it will be effective to the surface, examine, challenge and perhaps, even shift the underlying paradigms. This is a powerful device. And because it adds adventure to the digital journey, it nourishes the excitement that comes with it. As the saying goes, "On an adventure, there is no risk." "In order to accomplish the impossible, one must be able to see the invisible." The idea of digital paradigm -- and paradigm shifting, starts from mind shift. Increasingly, we should see value in being mindful of, and of surfacing the paradigm in question -- of "we're here to engage in a structured inquiry; an inquiry around topic X, and we convene in this way." The idea of digital lenses is to "seeing the whole," or helping people reach a shared understanding of the whole - it seems to be both a common thematic element for people who explore possibilities of effecting wholesale change and a necessary, powerful catalyst for doing so.

Digital Paradigm means hyper-connectivity, interdependence, and integration: "Conflict," "Out of Balance," "Far from Equilibrium" - these all beckon us to "problem solve" - especially if we are truly connected to the world around us - our surroundings, matters of the heart, spirituality, our interactions with others. All animate and inanimate objects are connected to an integrated source, and they influence human consciousness. By this new digital age thinking, the business ecosystem is integrated and hyper-connected, just like the whole natural ecosystem is an integrated identity. The all-permeating consciousness has made every object of the digital system and nature responsive, communicative. The drizzling or rain, the blossom, the sunrise & the sunset, all is a total gift of nature to all us. Speaking of nature is a merger of individual consciousness with the consciousness of nature. It has no language, it is the connectivity of that universal consciousness we share with everything in the ecosystem from the smallest subatomic particles to the galaxy and beyond.

Digital is the new age paradigm associated with deep ecology - the shift from the anthropocentric shallow ecology to multi-dimensional value based deep ecology. It is extremely intriguing to observe the functionality of Nature and her meticulousness observable in every minute particle. Nature, the storehouse of all ideas and the mother of all inspirational resources has inspired poets, painters, musicians and even scientists for centuries. The beauty, the wisdom, and the ingenuity that inspired these distinguished people to create masterpieces are available to each of us too. Capra describes this new age paradigm shift succinctly as: "It does see the world not as a collection of isolated objects but as a network of a phenomenon that is fundamentally interconnected and interdependent. Deep ecology recognizes the intrinsic value of all living beings and views humans as just one particular strand in the web of life." The new age of digital thinking attributes value and purpose to the ecosystem, it is considered that natural world is a living network in which everything is stored, that we would need to think profoundly about our progress as a human race. As if our consciousness at every stage of evolution is synchronized with the spirit of Nature.

All artistic, scientific, philosophical knowledge of mankind is inspired by Nature. In the same process poets, artists, scientists, philosophers also tread on their path of the quest to understand the symbolic language of Nature contributing to the evolutionary process. Just like the nature ecosystem has provided the impetus to her evolutionary agenda of human mind and consciousness: for every need, provisions are there, for every problem, solutions are there, for every scientific development, resources are there, but to be discovered, applying human intelligence and through the process of discovering, human mind and consciousness will expand and evolve. Digital ecosystem also provides unprecedented opportunities to leapfrog business world up to the next level of maturity; the alternatives to problem solving; the convergence of machine intelligence and human wisdom, the digital synergy of orchestrated talent, process and technologies, the understanding of the necessity of systems awareness and harmonics, and the acceleration of digital flow. Digital is the new paradigm shift to deep connect the business nature to the natural ecosystem.


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